The secret advances: the marchioness wants to Matias dead at all costs


Published on May 12, 2020


What succerà in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, may 13, 2020? Discover the latest news from Puente Viejo and with the advances that reveal precisely the plot of the next episode of the soap on Channel 5. We take stock of the situation. As you may have guessed, the marchioness wants to Matias dead at all costs and he's going to pay someone to get what he wants. But until that point you can push? Tomas has heard the speech that her mother was doing to save his enemy number 1, or let his mother distract him so you can live at the side of Marcela, the woman that he loves, without obstacles?

We find out all the details with the spoilers and the plot of the next episode!

Maqueda tries to explain to Isabel why her idea to kill Matias is not good. Tired of the chatter, however, takes it, and the door in the bedroom. Tomás after having listened to the conversation of his mother to delete Matías is upset.But Isabel seems to have clear ideas: he wants to both set a fire at the inn, everything must look like an accident.

In the meantime, Mauricio informs Ignacio that the Marquise does not see the reason, and that his children can't convince her otherwise. They know that soon will come accidents and Solozábal fears already addressed. Francisca continues to feel nostalgia for her husband, but the Marchioness asks for an amount exaggerated of money and this makes you concentrate on other needs. In fact, the Montenegro realizes that he has to evaluate the next steps that will be, seen that it is investing a lot of money.

Manuela fails to stop the dangerous game that Marta is doing with Adolfo. However, the girl realized that Manuela has realized what is happening...also warns Adolfo that the song makes it clear that at the moment there is only one thing to do: enjoy life. Pink wants to the details of the meeting, but Martha tries to avoid many of the details because she feels guilty. Manuela would like to that the girls were not more punishment, but Don Ignacio did not spring.

When Encarnación and Manuela make a stroll and have a chat of their things, fall off both in a ditch. Meanwhile, Alicia asks Matías to listen to the workers. Cosme asks for forgiveness and assures him that will not happen again. If you organize well, you may hit to surprise the marquise...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret of tomorrow may 13, 2020.

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