The secret advances: the double secret of the marquise, Francisca in danger


Published on May 09, 2020


The marquise he had not reckoned with the intelligence of his children who have understood that she's hiding something in the pavilion, they will discover that there lives a Woman Francisca? We will tell you about the advances that lead us to Puente Viejo and reveal to us what will happen in the next episodes of the soap. Let's start with the story of The secret for the episode of Monday 11 may 2020. You understood that the marchesa has many secrets. Not hidden, in fact, only Francisca, but also a man, the man who had sent her the mysterious letter, and says he loves her and be ready to do any thing for her. But what is this secret that Isabella is guarding ?

Isabel surprises her children to wander around on the outskirts of the pavilion, but manages to stop them before they can meet with Francisca.

Adolfo tells his brother about his date with Marta. Confesses all the messages that Rose has posted, but Tomas realizes something very different. He realizes that his brother does not love Pink but fell in love with Martha and is not the only one to realize it.

Manuela tries to mediate in the conflict between father and daughters. But the business man does not believe that it is prudent to lower our guard and forget what happened in the last few days. The same goes for Pink, is the most stubborn of his father.

Ignacio knows Castañeda with which he speaks of the conflict in the mine, they seem to get along and be located on a lot of points. In the meantime, Marta meets new Adolfo to give him another Rose note, but both like to be together and realize the feeling that is born between them. Rose asks Martha the details of the appointment but all of a sudden in the house arrives to the Marchesa...

Marcela and Tomas, you may not see but both feel the lack of one another. Matías enters in the hostel and they fight again, when he meets Alicia, he tells her his sorrows and his adventures, the young woman gives advice: pretend and maintain the harmony in your marriage. After all, is doing the same with his parents, the important thing is the revolutionary mission. Tomas meets Matías and between the two is a clash.

The secret is waiting for us and then on Monday with a new episode not to be missed.

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