The secret advances: the confession of Juanote save Isaac from the clutches of Antolina?


Published on Oct 16, 2019


Return our advances de The secret: what will happen in the episode airing tomorrow, October 17, 2019? Let's find out with the latest news that come from the Puente Viejo. You will have seen in the last episodes, that Isaac decided to put an end to the great deception of Antolina. And he did it by tracking down the only person that can tell the whole truth on this story. Let's talk about Juanote, the man who Antolina has seduced and then abandoned, only in an attempt to get pregnant and make you believe Isaac that the baby was his. Isaac, in fact, he believed, before he married Antolina, who is wife was already pregnant. Instead, Antolina deceived. And after the wedding, as she and Isaac never before has there been sexual intercourse, the girl has had to conceive the son, who really expecting with another man. But when her deception is made too large, said the wait for a child from seven months but in reality she was pregnant only three, he had to cause themselves the abortion. For the moment, no one imagines that it was Antolina to cause the death of the child that was expected but the first big lie about this story is unveiled.

Juanote in fact it is arrived to Puente Viejo, with Isaac, ready to tell everything.

Juanote, who has not long to live, decides to tell everyone about what happened with Antolina. And doing it publicly so everyone knows what stuff is made of, woman. Isaac wants to leave his wife, and it is necessary for everyone to know the reason for it. Antolina in the meantime, it seems to have disappeared into nothing. Her lover instead tell all the details of the relationship he had with the woman.

Prudencio fails to understand the reasons for which Francisca still claims to command his actions and speaks of it with Marchena. It seems that it can not detach from her...

Severo and Carmel discuss. The mayor noted to the Santa Cruz how it has changed in the last period, and rebukes him: why do not you suspicious of him? But what is really going on to Severe? Also don Berengario realizes that between the two friends is something going on...But it's Irene to bring the worst of news: the piece of rice fell apart...

Mary is ready to lead the women of the country in the new association to the female...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret airing tomorrow, October 17, 2019.

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