The secret advances: Matias is with Adolfo, but Isabel is not. Francisca plot in the shadows


Published on May 02, 2020


The secret back in wave on 4 may 2020, with a new episode not to be missed. And could not miss our advances: what will happen in the episode of Monday, may 4, 2020? The latest news coming from Puente Viejo and tell us that Don Ignacio has decided to deal with Isabel as far as the mine and also Matias have to meet the children of the marchesa as represented miners and their rights. What is going to happen? Here are the spoilers for you.

Ignacio tries to convince Isabel to reach an agreement with the miners, but refuses and decides to leave. Encarnación and Urrutia can't be more happy that their daughter Alicia said that she will resume her studies in commerce. Carolina and Pablo decide to launch the love before their farewell.

The flirt Marta and Ramón reaches the ears of Manuela, who becomes angry with the young woman and censorship, the game is doing with the young, the auditor of the accounts. Urrutia says to his boss that the resources will be exhausted soon. Pablo is ready to go, but apparently there is only Manuela for the greetings...

Matías speaks with Marqueda and tries to negotiate, but warns him that if the workers did not return to work, will not have the ability to negotiate. Francisca advises Isabel not to lose positions in relation to negotiations with the miners. Matías and Adolfo agree to reduce the lathes to 8 hours, with an increase of 5%, but calls to cancel the strike.

The marquise decides to call up Matias in Havana. Unexpectedly stops all the negotiations and gives a list of 20 names that will be licensed. Marcela suggests to her lover not to stand in the midst of the negotiations, and to leave to deal with his brother.

Matías tells Alicia of progress in the negotiations, and seizes the opportunity to confess to be back to study. The two are very united and really believe so much in the battle that they are bringing forward...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret of doma

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