The secret advances: Marcela wants to know from Matias the truth, her husband hides everything


Published on Apr 30, 2020


What's going to happen in the episode of The secret aired on the first of may 2020? Let's find out with the latest news coming from the Puente Viejo. The first may, in fact, will air an episode of the soap. Even if in Italy is celebrated, the programming of the Channel 5 does not change. Will be aired the bold and the Beautiful, A life, Men and Women, The secret and also Afternoon to Five with a new episode live. It will be a first of may crash for all!

But what is going on and what will happen to Puente Viejo ? Let's find out with the spoilers of the next episode, here is the plot of tomorrow may 1, 2020.

The Captain Huertas speaks with Ignacio and warns him that someone is leading the miners to revolt: there may also be strikes unexpected...

Ignacio confesses to her daughters the truth about how it is finished is confined to the Puente Viejo. There was a big accident in Bilbao and the company of the family did not want to fairly compensate the victims. But decided to pay him right and he agreed.

Pink waiting for Adolfo to a new appointment. Pablo has meditated on the situation and tells Carolina that confess the truth of his relationship with Ignacio when it will already be gone to the military, through a letter.

Tomás Adolfo and the team leader, pressing the marchesa to strengthen the security of the mines. While the strike of the workers is already in place, the marquise tries to ask for the help Mauricio, but suggests only to dialogue to address the problem and to avoid the situation you face still more difficult to manage.

Marcela confronts Matías and asks him what he is doing. Suspect that the riots of the miners have been caused by him. And he's right, Matías and Alicia meet with the representatives of the wells and encourage them to join the strike. Alicia confesses to Matías that her parents are pushing to continue with his studies, but she just wants to fight for the rights of workers. Matías warns him that a good education can be more valuable because you can fight the rich and that therefore it should perhaps not leave the studies...

Francisca and Marquesa speak of their business and the interest of Montenegro in recovering the Casona is very clear. Francisca confides in him with her kinswoman, and that she feels much the lack of Raimundo, but you must do this thing alone, and then after, it will explain everything to her husband...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret of tomorrow may 1, 2020.

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