The secret advances: Marcela is a gun, Adolfo and Rosa are at risk big


Published on May 06, 2020


What hides Matias, what you will discover Marcela? And what it wants to Francisca from the marquise, because it hides it without showing? Let's find out with the latest news coming from Puente Viejo! Come to you the advances that reveal precisely the story of The secret air tomorrow, may 7, 2020.

Apparently Francisca wants to become a rich owner of land, and perhaps she also wants to regain his Villa, and for this he is probably in the viewfinder, Don Ignacio! But apparently he also had of the claims that Isabel is not respecting...

What will happen then in the next episode? The marquise seems to be taken from the hustle and bustle caused by the strike and by problems caused by the miners, but Francisca is not concentrated solely and wants what he asked for...

Adolfo Tomás ask Antoñita if you know where to find her mother. But she does not know to lie, and the brothers realize it. The Marchioness usa Antoñita to let off steam about what is going on with Francisca. The situation worries since the Montenegro is more and more demanding.

Adolfo asks Tomás to cover it from when he was with Rose to go to the theatre. Ramón, meanwhile, asked Marta for permission to be able to feel for to court her, maybe, she accepts but makes it clear that at the moment is not willing to start a relationship.

On the other hand, Ignacio has a good initiative with his daughters and wants to bring them to the theater, but when it is already there, he discovers his daughter Rosa with Adolfo and that the two seem to have a certain feeling. The business man asks the eldest daughter, but she mind to cover his sister.

In the meantime, Matías is encouraged by his wife, Marcela, but the priest enters to accuse him of being a provocateur and a bad christian. Tired of everything, following the precepts of his grandfather Raimundo says that he does not believe in the existence of God, and Don Filiberto can not accept. Marcela wants to know what is going on and asks Matías to tell her the truth: he found a gun in his suitcase.

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