The secret advances: Marcela decides to leave Puente Viejo with Tomas?


Published on May 01, 2020


Pablo decides to do what Carolina asks him from time? Will talk with don Ignacio what is there between them? And Donna Francisca, what he wants from his new neighbors? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal the plot of the episode of The secret tomorrow, may 2, 2020. The soap Channel 5 airs after reruns of the tv drama Far away from you.

We then discover the plot of the next episode of the soap in Spanish, here are the spoilers for you.

For Don Ignacio is the time to come and meet the children of the Marquise.

Manuela is furious when she realizes that Rose is still secretly seeing Adolfo. Marta asks the woman to be quiet. In the meantime, he organized a football match between the miners and the tinsmiths.

Manuela, Pablo and Solozábal go there, except Martha wants to see her father. But in the factory, Marta meets Ramón, the auditor, and there, he decides to confess, which causes a lot of admiration.

Marta tries to forget Adolfo attending Ramon.

Mauricio talks with Matías, because the miners have told him that he was the leader of the revolt. The mayor advised him to be careful, it could return in prison. Matías believes that workers should have the right to ask for safety and not to run unnecessary risks.

The priest says he came to know that Matias may be the head of the revolts and calls on both the mayor and the captain to monitor the husband Matias. While they are in the game, Marcela is alone and Tomás comes to comfort her. Tomas tells her that they might have a future away from Puente Viejo, but the girl can not bring himself to leave it all.

The children of the marchioness and the team leader, try to convince her to agree to strengthen security and prevent further revolts. Meanwhile, Ignacio is going to make an unexpected visit to the marchioness...

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