The secret advances: Isabella and the secret pact with Francisca, what plot the Montenegro?


Published on May 05, 2020


Curious to know what will happen in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, may 6, 2020? We will tell you about the latest news and advances that lead us directly to the Puente Viejo. As you know in Spain these days they are going to broadcast the latest episodes of the soap Spanish while in Italy we will at least for a short period of time.

What will happen then in the next episode of soap? Here for you the plot of the episode number 2181 broadcast on Channel 5, as always, to 16,10 about, immediately after a new episode of Men and Women.

Ignacio waits impatiently for the result of the investigation, but to his surprise, Ramón confesses that no matter what he decides, his family, for he has already suffered enough punishment esiliandolo to Puente Viejo. For which the examination is passed!

Martha reprimands her sister Rosa, because she decided to go to the theater with Adolfo. Ramon is about to leave the country but first wants to talk alone with Marta, apparently the youngest daughter of Don Ignacio has also made inroads in his heart, but the problem is that the girl only has eyes for Adolfo...

The captain Huertas, D. Filiberto and Mauricio comment on what has happened in the brawling mining. The captain confesses that the result is not entirely true, while Mauricio asks for caution.

Adolfo speaks of what is going on with Marta and Rosa Tomas is fascinated by both and doesn't know what to do. Tomas believes that he is playing with fire and invites him to be careful.

Alicia finds it hard to believe what has happened but promises to Matias that things will change, need decision stronger to be respected. Cosme eventually confesses to Matias that he's done. But the fear of losing the job was too big and it is for this reason that has behaved in this way.

Isabella is happy of how things have gone in and thanked the Woman Francisca: thanks to his advice the strike is not done! The Montenegro, however, reminds them that they have an agreement and now is the time to stick to it.

What is it? We'll find out in the next few episodes of The secret, continue to read our advances.

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