The secret advances: Francisca works in the darkness and manipulates Isabel, what you really want to?


Published on May 04, 2020


The marquise is currently pondering what to do, would like to dismiss at least 20 miners but can't get it to see everything that is going on, and the influence of the Woman Francisca is very strong on her, what will happen now to the Puente Viejo? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal precisely the plot of the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, may 5, 2020 on Channel 5. Tomás and Adolfo, they seem to be not at all agree with those which are the moves designed by Isabella but do not know that behind his decisions, there is also the hand of Francisca. What is plotting? Let's find out with the latest news coming from Puente Viejo here are the spoilers for you.

Cosme, one of the veterans, trying to negotiate behind Matías, with Marqueda. Informs the Marquise that has had success in the negotiations, and the latter promises that they will be rewarded for what he has done.

Pablo with a great goodbye to the family Solozábal. While Manuela warns Martha not to give hope to the young man, Ramón, who is in love with her. Pink asks his sister to go to the appointment that he had with Adolfo, to deliver a ticket.

Marta goes, but Manuela does not agree with what is going on between the sisters. When he meets with Adolfo, he realizes he feels something for the young.

Rosa tries to comfort his little sister after the departure of Pablo, but when Carolina is about to confess his feelings for the young man, appears to be Marta, full of questions, Rose. Avoids comment on how you like to walk with Adolfo, while Ramon informs him that he finished his work then it may soon leave Puente Viejo.

Matías meets once again the miners to continue to claim what is theirs with the protests. Marcela and Tomas talk about this conflict when it appears Matías. Marcela tries to calm his spirits so Tomás if he goes.

Marcela reminds Matías those times in which he has always prioritized his family above all else, and instead now acts as if it cared nothing of the Camellia, of their inn and the great sacrifices that his family has done in the past...And then comes the news that Matias did not expect: the miners have resumed work. The young Castaneda feels betrayed.

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