The secret advances: Francisca thinks She has not sought the marchioness, silent


Published on May 07, 2020


Never in life don Ignacio would have thought to see one of her daughters to the side of one of the children of Isabella and instead it happened...The man does not digest at all this situation, even if the girls fail to understand what is wrong...The previews reveal to us what will happen in the next episodes of The secret, starting from the bet of tomorrow may 8, 2020. In the episode of the soap Spanish of tomorrow we will understand what will make the entrepreneur after he found out the meeting in secret between Rosa and Adolfo...

Manuela tries to calm down, don Ignacio, but you feel guilty. She knew what was going on between the girls and Adolfo and he had to stop attending or at least warn him but he didn't.

Urrutia warn Don Ignacio that it is better not to punish her, but the businessman does not think the same way. Carolina and Marta console Pink, do not know what will happen don Adolfo...

Matías, in spite of the insistence of Marcela, she refuses to get rid of the gun because it is worth to defend. Marqueda informs Matías progress in the mines, but is not satisfied.
Adolfo confesses to his brother that he spent an afternoon of phenomenal, with Rosa to the theater, but when his mother appears to remain in silence. The wonder of his strange absences. She is angry and her sons know that she's hiding something. The two young people tell you what is going on in the mine, but she doesn't seem to approve.

Adolfo, gets to the point of confusing the Herman and this is very dangerous, he reminds Tomás. Francisca feels the nostalgia of Raimundo, and apparently knows nothing of his arrival in Puenye Viejo; la marquise said to have met the Ulloa while he was looking for...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret of tomorrow may 8, 2020.

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