The secret advances: for Isaac, the marriage with Antolina was over, she how he will react?


Published on Oct 17, 2019


As you may have seen in the last episodes of The secret, after the arrival of Juanote to Puente Viejo, Antolina has disappeared in nothing. The woman has not wanted to face her lover and run away without leaving its traces. Isaac, however he wanted Juanote tell everything that has happened with Antolina in order to be finally free from the woman and so it was. The advances of the episode of The secret will air tomorrow, October 18, 2019, to reveal to us what is going to happen and what will happen in the country. Do not miss the story line that relates to Severe. As you may have seen in the last episode the man asked for a loan in that Year, convinced that I can give back immediately the money to the guy but does not know that Francisca has speculated with the rice buying it all and reselling it at a bargain price, and for him, things are going very badly...

Isaac does not want to waste even another day on the side of his wife and does not care to know what became of it. He told Don Berengario all that has happened, and for him that was enough. The priest has listened to the words of Juanote, and thinks that this marriage can end. Even if still there are, however, steps official, Isaac decides to turn the page. Then asks Elsa to spend the rest of her life with him: he always loved, his heart is always his. Elsa agrees to be the wife of Isaac even if this story is not over yet and if Antolina there are no traces? It seems that Elsa does not see the time to be with the man she loves always...

For Severus and Irene, there are only bad news: they are ruined, there's not much else to say or add. Carmelo, tired of what has happened and is disappointed not to have received the support of his colleagues, he decided to resign.

Maria wants to prove to everyone not to be a puppet in the hands of Francisca, and he decides to invite her to give a speech in public, with the women of the association. The decision disputable, but no one expected...

Lola decides to cancel the order the wine for her wedding but doesn't give many explanations...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, 18 October, 2019 on Channel 5.

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