The secret advances: Elsa will be freed from prison, where suffered heavy punishment?


Published on Oct 23, 2019


What will become of Elsa in the prison? Isaac can find a way to get out of prison the woman he loves? We speak of this in our advances de The secret that we reveal precisely the plot of the episode of the soap will air tomorrow, October 24, 2019. We make the situation for those who missed the last episodes of the soap Channel 5: Antolina is back to Puente Viejo and has decided to denounce her husband and Elsa for adultery. Elsa then has been arrested and is now in prison. Isaac tries in all ways to understand what to do but it is not simple...

In the meantime, great news, even to the Villa. Fernando Mesia, in fact, is back with his young girlfriend, the beautiful Maria Elena. The man presented his girlfriend Mary and Francisca. The children, very happy to see him, have asked Montenegro to host Fernando, who has accepted. Maria Elena seems to be very in love and happy in having met Fernando. But what hides behind the two, are they really as united as they say, or the Mesia has organized a new trap against Francisca in the eternal war that reigns between them?

Isaac doesn't know how to help Elsa, but promises that it will make possible to get out of the prison. In the meantime, Marcela goes to the house of Antolina and is busy cleaning and putting away everything that in any way binds her husband to Elsa. Isaac thinks that the only way to fix things is to convince Antolina to withdraw the complaint. Back to case addresses and makes note that she has decided to return to the country only after the death of Juanote, knowing there would be none to tell the story of his betrayal...Isaac would have had to denounce it before for adultery, but did not and now is him to end up in the crosshairs of the Civil Guard.

In the meantime, Elsa in the prison begins an ordeal: the woman is punished for what he did...

Severo decides to go its own way since Carmel does not believe the involvement of Francisca in the history of rice. Part then to Madrid, asking Irene to say nothing, not even Adela. Those who have understood all that has happened is Marchena. Indeed, man has understood that Francisca has insisted for the loan knowing that then would have brought down the price of rice...The man speaks with Prudencio.

All this and much more in the episode of The secret air tomorrow, October 24, 2019 on Channel 5.

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