The secret advances: Elsa she is risking the life? What is suffering and can heal?


Published on Oct 27, 2019


Severus must deal with what has happened in the last few weeks: so, she decides to tell Irene who asked for a loan and even the house in which they now live is their. The journalist is obviously in a state of shock with the news. But what will happen in the episode of The secret air tomorrow, October 28, 2019? Let's find out with the latest news that come from the Puente Viejo, and reveal to us just what will happen in the coming episodes of the soap. Severus is increasingly convinced they have evidence to show that there is Francisca behind his failure. But even the silos full of rice he manages to convince Carmel that behind the failure of Severus, there is Montenegro...what's going to happen, therefore, in the upcoming episodes of The secret?

We'll discover what suffers Elsa always more fragile and more and more sick?

Irene so, given that recently she and Mary are very good friends, decided to ask for help to the girl. Mary also speaks with his grandfather, and together they try to figure out if you really Francisca has done something against Severus. Raimundo can't admit that his wife hates to be always the Sana Cruz so you can really expect everything...Severus, however, has no patience and also addresses Raimundo: how can being next to a woman who is capable of any cruelty?

Isaac tired and exhausted from what's going on with Elsa faces Antolina and the accusation. But the girl denies having anything to do with the beating of the Lagoon. The doctor continues to keep an eye on the health of Elsa, which is always worse even if you are not aware of it. Dr. Zabaleta is very clear: it is sick and it is really very very bad.

Gracia begins to be intolerant doesn't like the attitude that Dolores has with the small Belen. Meliton, instead, is always more charmed by the new seller of fish arrived in the town...that Year, he decides to help Lola, but she doesn't seem to be affected...but in The end, confronts her and tells her what is really going on...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, 28 October 2019 on Channel 5.

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