The secret advances: Elsa in the jail, Isaac will find a way to free her?


Published on Oct 22, 2019


What is going to happen to Elsa or better, what might happen in the future? Let's find out with the spoilers de The secret that we reveal precisely the plot of an episode of the tomorrow 23 October 2019. As you may have seen in the last episode, the happiness of the Isaac and Elsa was upset. Before the news of the death of Juanote, which may not then be of help in a possible process for the cancellation of the wedding and then the arrival of Antolina with the Guardia Civil in the house. Elsa was taken away and arrested without Isaac could do nothing. The young man seemed even ready to get arrested in the place of Elsa, since he is the married man who is committing sin...But the laws in those years were very different and to pay, for the adultery, it will be just Elsa, defined as a sort of concubine, saw that he was moved to live in the house of the husband of another woman...

In the meantime Severus is continuing to be very worried about what is going on while the peace of the country could be upset by a new arrival, that of Fernando Mesia...Francisca is not expected to see him so soon, what will happen?

Isaac is shocked after the arrest of Elsa, and not know what to do. Matias, try to put them in touch with a good lawyer so that they can help the woman. But things are very complicated, and Isaac realizes that there is little to do. Consuelo goes to the jail and find his little Elsa, very scared for what could happen to her...

In the meantime Severus is continuing to think that Francisca behind all its economic problems, and for this reason, once again, him and Carmelo argue, as have recently already done so...that Year, he is ready to discover what are the mysteries that Lola hides her in his life...

In the meantime, Puente Viejo-Fernando Mesia is back with his new girlfriend whom seems to be madly in love. What will happen between the two, they are really together? Are you really ready for marriage or once again are we witnessing a double game of Moesia?

Continue to read our advances to be increasingly informed of the latest from Puente Viejo.

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