The secret advances: another obstacle for Elsa and Isaac to deal with. Lola what is it?


Published on Oct 18, 2019


Return our advances de The secret: what will happen in the episode airing tomorrow, October 19, 2019? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal precisely the plot of the episode of Saturday! As you may have seen in the last few episodes, Isaac has decided to let everyone know about the true nature of Antolina. And so, after the testimony of Juanote that has left everyone in a state of shock, and the carpenter decides to ask Elsa to be his wife. It doesn't matter if there are documents, if this is not you can do it. What counts is the sentiment that lead to the heart, which remained the same, and has even grown in the last year. Elsa is really affected by the words of Isaac, had not expected to receive a similar declaration of love. What will happen between the two? Will be able to live happily their love?

Apparently it is too early to celebrate because a new obstacle seems to be arrived in the lives of both...

We find out, the anticipation for everything that happens in the episode of The secret aired tomorrow on Channel 5.

Isaac and Elsa decide to go to live together, even if the country splits. Not everyone thinks that this is a correct decision since Isaac is, in any case, still married Antolina, in spite of everything...but The couple decide to make their own way even if soon Isaac receives the view of Don Berenguer that is not good news...

Maria thinks that Francisca is really changed, and it is happy to have her in the first meeting of the women of the association who has just been born. His testimony seems to really hit all these.

That year, he understood that there is something strange in the fact that Lola has terminated the order of wine for her wedding and tries to figure out what it is. But when he tries to approach the girl, she rebuffs him sharply. What hides Lola? Of course, she also like all the people who arrive in a country has a secret and soon we'll find out...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow 19 October 2019.

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