The secret advances: Alphonsus and Raimundo discover what hides Emilia?


Published on Sep 13, 2017


Emilia has decided not to speak and not to say anything as to his guilt in the murder of Sol. Raimundo and Alfonso have understood, thanks also to the story of Fe, Emilia is hiding something. And Alfonso knows that the woman mentirebbe only in a single case, if this would serve to protect Maria and Gonzalo. And, in fact, the husband of Emilia, is not wrong. How to reveal spoilers for the episode of The secret will air tomorrow, September 14, 2017 on Channel 5 in the next episodes we will see that Alfonso will understand what is the link between the death of Sol and the secret about Mary. Alfonso is very close to the solution but for the moment, have only made the connection between the two events, never could not imagine that behind all this history is hidden the biological father of Mary, Severiano. What is going to happen to Puente Viejo? Discover the latest news and advances that reveal the story of The secret for the episode of tomorrow, here they are for you.


Alfonso discovers why Emilia is lying?

Emilia does not seem to have the intention to speak. Since, however, Fe has explained to Alfonso that someone threatened his wife, the man has realized that she is hiding something, even if it still does not imagine that behind this story there is Severiano. Raimundo is looking for the truth in order to pull out from prison Emilia but it is not simple also in view of the many intrusions of Donna Francisca. In the meantime, Ismael tries to make Rogelia not to reveal to anyone of who he really is and acts more quickly showing his true face. Matias then discover that the guy has intention to woo Beatriz, but this is only the beginning of a story turbid that it will put in trouble the daughter of Hernando dos Casas. Because when we'll find out who you really Ismael then all the nodes will have to be solved and we will understand that what really wants this guy by Beatriz...

Lucas is convinced that Emilia has nothing to do with the death of Sol and wants the real killer to go in the prison but does not know how to prove that the woman is not immischiata in this story...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret that tomorrow, we can expect to 16,20 on Channel 5. Continue to read our advances to get all the news from Puente Viejo!




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