The secret advances: Adolfo divided between Rose and Martha; Tomas in danger because of Matias


Published on Apr 27, 2020


What will happen in the next episodes of The secret? We discover with the advances that allow us to discover the plot of the episode airing tomorrow, April 28, 2020! In the latest episodes we got to know more about the new inhabitants of Puente Many years have passed since Fernando Mesia has set fire to everything...But in the meantime, we know nothing of Francisca: Raimundo arrived in the country to look for her but has not had its news. He is convinced that the woman is hidden somewhere but not finding it, he decided to go away...But we are sure that Francisca is not hidden in the home of Isabel?

Let's see what will happen tomorrow, in the episode aired on the 28th of April 2020.

Before the imminent arrival of Ramón, the auditor, and Ignacio asks Urrutia and Pablo to be as flawless as possible. Therefore, Ignacio presents his daughters to Ramon.

Manuela informs Encarnación doubts that it has on the love story between Rosa and Adolfo. Rose understands that his little sister, who is in love with Adolfo.

Martha congratulates her, but advises her to be more discreet. Pink asks his sister to go to the appointment with Adolfo because only you can stop the doubts of Manuela. Adolfo is petrified to visit Martha, and that is that as soon as he sees the young man is stunned: when she tries to leave, prevents them from doing so. But Adolfo wants to Martha or Rose? The young man seems to be a lot of confused.

In the meantime, the marchioness talks with his son, and advises him to stop seeing Marcela and remember the reason for which her husband was in prison: it seems that Matias has killed a man. Isabella does not want his son to risk being killed by the husband of Marcela...

Marcela and Matias treat it as true strangers. The woman has understood that Matias has put in something shady but he says he doesn't need to know anything, just so it will be safe. When you prepare to close the business, Matías seems to help her. Marcela wants to make it clear the things: the marriage is now destined not to last. Later, Tomás appears to the hostel, Marcela takes advantage of it to make presentations.

The miners and Alicia are waiting for the arrival of Matías. They greet and have a great admiration for the husband of Marcela. They prepare all to strike and to follow the advice of Matias, but they are afraid of what will be the drafting of the marquise.

Between Matias and Alicia there seems to be something, the two have a relationship?

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