The secret advances: a mysterious guest is coming, Matias and Alicia are plotting behind the backs of all


Published on Apr 25, 2020


What will happen in the episode of The secret aired on Monday 27 April 2020? The soap airs on the Saturday but not the Sunday, but when transmitted to A life! The secret awaits us on Monday with new twists. As you may have seen the latest episodes have been characterized by the return from Puente Viejo to the Matias. He and Marcela on paper they are still married but are years that you can't see and she has a new relationship with Tomas. Not only that, the Matias seems to be back in town only for her but for other shady business. It is in cahoots with Alicia and it seems that is going to put new ones in trouble....Marcela, however, do not know how to handle this situation because Matias is always her husband...And for her and Tomas, things are always more complicated.

Let's see what will happen later in the episode 2173 soap Spanish.

Matias and Alicia meet in secret: they are planning, together with a group of subversive, something...Marcela immediately see that Matias is not the man who was the first to go in prison. In the meantime, Urrutia thinks to use manners with his daughter Alicia, but the wife believes that, put out of the house will come to nothing. The two did not imagine in what you both put the girl who wants to fight against bosses, which are also the same people that eat, work, and to his parents.

Carolina speaks with Pablo about what happened in the past between the don Ignacio and the person who is going to get to do the auditing of the accounts of the family business. Rosa announces to her sisters that the next appointment with Adolfo will be in the garden of their house, something that to them seems very risky and shameless. Marta so, things to do more of the series, decides that the time has come to return to Bilbao, but probably this time his sisters will not agree with you. If you will go alone?

Rosa and Adolfo meet in the garden, but are surprised by the rain, and then not see Manuela that instead finds them in an attitude that does not like at all. Wet and broken, the woman returns home and is not recognized by Ramon, have recently arrived to do his work of the external auditor. Marcela and Tomas are in crisis: they do not know how to behave and what to do now that Matias is back.

Marqiueda explains to the children of Isabel that it is time to invest in mine safety because the risk is high. Tomas and Adolfo decide to go see it with their own eyes what happens.

For the marquess it is time to welcome in his house, the mysterious visitor for whom did you prepare the pavilion with much interest...And we soon discover that the special guest is a great return to Puente Viejo...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret aired on the 27th of April 2020 on Channel 5.

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