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Published on Apr 23, 2020


There is the draft, arriving fresh efforts for the NFL, hooray!

But who are these people? Who knows, they are college kids, you should do a bit of scouting. Here's precisely.

Scouting chair, one of the evils that afflict the american football seen from the other side of the ocean, and I tell you this because, until five years ago, I also I tried in this fun game of professional football, with the outcome that I couldn't even remember, maybe a few impression was right, who knows, maybe even the watches fermi mark the right time twice a day.

Anyway, so much for the end of the psychologist, the main reason why someone decides to do the scouter from the living room are two: the first is because it is vain and likes to stay at the center of the discourse, even in the deep offseason; the second is that he thinks he can do a mock draft that is more accurate, more interesting, and then by vain he likes to stay in the center of the discourse, even in the deep offseason.

But what are the mock draft?

The mock draft are attempts similar to the compilation of a ticket of the superenalotto, but is less likely to be accurate. It is as if you have crosswords without the schema made of 32 columns, 255 rows, and the definitions at the bottom were about three thousand, most of which are wrong or useless.

In Oxford I would call “a troiaio“.

To fill in these mock draft you need information on prospects that they have to go to compose, and this information, where are they located?

It's a good question. The season of the NCAA is even more short of the NFL, and to understand those few games who is the right player for a certain gap is far from simple, but the scouter from the chair was content mica. Those best equipped repair the entire matches NCAA via the web and you look at the player movements, the most evident qualities. It is a job theoretically very long, which ends with the realization of a technical-perhaps almost acceptable, if the eye is particularly trained to distinguish between the speed of movement by putting them in relation with the most extreme NFL, and if the brain is unable to understand how much there is, especially in the attacking phase, the technical quality of the player, as the schema of the coach and because of the deficiencies of their opponents.

Let's say that one scouter as well, while still producing material that any team in the CFL cestinerebbe after the first two lines, it would be a nice commodity for the readers of european fasting of the NCAA. The problem is when the scouter from flip-flops and a tablet, for a short time but the high self-love, pack scouting facts in the following mode (descendants in order of wickedness):

Agree/disagree: it pays out a few dollars, type PFF, it takes a guide in the draft, written by people paid and conscious of what he writes, it goes on the card of the guy you want, the results with a sense and he countered with his own impressions. It expunges the part with which you disagree, and vualà the card. Noble the idea of spreading information that is written by people of the trade, but for the rest meh.

Paro paro: see above, but with the aggravating circumstance of translating and just, in the worst of situations, maybe with Google Translate. The effect is to have tons of technical words translated evil that are regularly put back in their English version. You sgamano these characters because the card is usually well packed, but the technical terms are all in the original language. I might as well leave it in English.

First look: two or three snap seen in any game even in low definition, and strong of their ten snaps per game in the Maremma Cinghials during the seasons 1983, 1984 and 1985 to make the analysis complete, usually scornful, of any player, with considerations like, “when I played I one so it was not on a 2-yard that ended at Verano”. Of course, in this case there is no right of reply.

Highlight: you search on google “ Draft 2020” and watch a couple of videos made to highlight. These videos are made so well that even I could be scoutato as the second round cheap. Of course, the result of this scouting is hype giant mezzeseghe.

Collage: you go on the websites of scouting is not a paid (read: amateur if all goes well) and you take any card of this player, is translated into Italian with google translate and it does a mix is acceptable, hoping that no one face any specific questions.

Of course, I write all this to make me laugh, convinced of the motto “live and let live”, also and above all because, as much as we can to be good in the art of scouting, there will remain dark always a fundamental part of that is that the interviews and information on the nature, on the character and motivations of the players, which often determine entire careers, buzz Ryan Leaf.

Good draft everyone, and know that, well, you can be excited about, three or four screw-ups the take from all!




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