The scleral Alessia Marcuzzi live on the Island of the famous 2018 against Eva Henger: “are you out of your head” (VIDEO)


Published on Mar 13, 2018


At the end, Alessia Marcuzzi broke out. Over two months it goes on saying that it is a host that does not want to tell the truth, the giving of the svicolona and no shortage of barbs of colleagues. At the end the presenter has exploded, giving, in the direct of the eighth installment of the famous Island 2018, a moment of tv that will remain in the history. We can easily define the sclerosis Alessia Marcuzzi against Eva Henger, a moment of anger during which the Marcuzzi has pulled out everything he had for a long time. Eyes red with anger and then with tears for the rant at the end, wiped, probably by Mara Venier, in a moment that we are at home we have not seen.

It all starts with the return in studio of Paola di Benedetto and Filippo Nardi: Alessia explains that the time has come of the comparison, and anticipates that the Henger has also made the name of Paola and Filippo Strip the news. Explain that you have been accused of having smoked a cane, and they say that they know nothing of these allegations and deny everything, of course. The Anger tries to point out that she was to name names, or better she is been filmed by the hidden cameras of Strip the news and had requested that these names were not out. At that point, Alessia starts to leute note that he has an attitude of a p0' agitated, as if he was on the fidensiva. Eva then says that she cannot understand: first the say that you must not speak of the barrel gate, then talk, then don't talk about it. At this point, the Marcuzzi't see us anymore and bursts.

“I have never been a moralist, neither with you nor with your daughter. This is not to do the fake goody-goody with me, Eva. This is my transmission, forgive me, then you go talk where you want it to go too. You are went everywhere to talk about this thing we talked about ever, and you come to tell me that we speak always to me, you're out of your head” these are the words of Alessia Marcuzzi. And, he added, rather unnerved: “I don't want to bury the truth. Are a person nice, knows everyone and Eve. There are people involved. From mom, I would have done at another time. They tell of the emotions, passions and respect for nature.”

The Anger he tried to tell her, but Alessia Marcuzzi arrabbiatissima did not give way to say the least. The Marcuzzi then he apologized to his audience:

“Sorry, I have vented. I have been silent up to now, but hear me say that I speak of this topic in all of my transmission... I was the one that spoke less.“

All this, as always, is aired after midnight, when they happen the most interesting things. If you have not seen the video you can see it streaming on the official website of Mediaset ( click here).

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