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Published on Oct 28, 2019


Who said that a person can have multiple interests? We are really so “inscatolabili” in certain categories, or we are wonderful beings as complex and multi-faceted?

And that's what they are attempting to respond, with the irony and intelligence of always, the new collection of Zerocalcare, The School Of Pizza In the Face Of the Professor Limestone, published by BAO Publishing.

A collection that is divided into three main parts, in contrast to earlier brings together the topics of typology and the “commitment” of various and varied, in the spirit of the fil rouge that seeks to tell. The three parts are structured thus: the first is dedicated to the works of the Blog along to someone for Wired and Best Movie, on a variety of topics are mainly dedicated to everyday life; the central part is instead the social-politics that begins with the comic strip that became viral published on the Republic“, and The city decoration”, and finally the last part is devoted to reviews of movies and tv series, Best Movie and related travel to the Venice film Festival.

Just as the souls of the Michele Rech, professor Geoffrey Limestone has two: that pseudo film critic that doesn't take itself seriously “because it simply does not have the tools to do so, then they are more impressions of what the film and tv series have aroused, and for this they liked or not”, and one of the pizzas in the face of life”, perhaps the most received that date.

The souls of the Zerocalcare develop through three new songs, one for each part of the volume. The first is dedicated to the presentation of the Sacred School of the Crickets Speakers Pontificanti, that is all the people that always feel the right to criticize any choice he (or other writers like him) face in the theme of the topic and experiments, such as the recent one with the cartoons.

If you move from politics to tv series is the degradation of the intellectual and vice versa, who knows for what because should read topics more challenging? Kobane Calling may be the perfect example given the success he's had and the history the real “niche” that has made to more. The Salmon is a Book of Split reflected with honesty on the issue that happened to a certain Beauty of the Book with a certain publishing house that tries to put the point and explain the reasons. Finally, The School of Pizza in my Face closes the volume, trying to give an answer to the thesis and to the question of departure, thanks to an epiphany merit of... Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa!

An interesting choice to follow to Rubble First, that it was not a collection but a story completely new and made the point on the generation of thirtysomething perplexed, disillusioned and insecure, before opening up to what comes after, even in the life autobiographical tale of the cartoonist, The School of Pizza in the Face of the Professor Limestone face instead of the point on the strips and the cartoon of the comic of Rebibbia, (auto)granting the permission (actually the “duty” of moral) to vary and continue to tell his life and his interests disparate to tell the life and the interests of us, the readers, any many the many that continue to miss the appointment with the “prof.” Limestone.

Side note: the volume also contains a bonus dedicated to a story never previously published, made by the author for the initiative day Trip to the lighthouse was the brainchild of Lidia Ravera, for which he spent a week on the island of Ventotene, with the intent to write, inspired by those places, and dedicated to the figure of Gaetano Bresci.

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