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Published on Sep 10, 2019


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Have you ever thought about how you feel the school, understood as the building, on the day you begin the classes? And the moms what they do on the morning of the first day of school? How do they feel?

Change your point of view, put yourself in the shoes of others helps us to understand the attitudes and fears, but also shows aspects hidden and – why not – fun of the same situation.

Try this – put the concerned neostudenti in the shoes of someone else – two amusing stories, A great day for the school and To school mom!.

The first text is a book illustrated by Christian Robinson, american illustrator that I particularly like, and try to imaginare the first day of school (maternal) seen and experienced by the building: "That summer, they dug a large hole in the ground, laid the foundation and, brick upon brick, they built a school." The days go by and the school is often alone with the keeper, who puts in order, cleans, dusts... the school is the cradle in a tranquillity shy that seems really congenial. ""I like to be with you, just the two of us," he said one day the school Custodian. “It will not last long,” said the Guardian “soon will come the teachers, and then you'll be invaded by the children”. The school began to crack. "Children?"". Between trepidation and fear, the school is going to know about these children: what will they do? Like them? Treat it well?

On the first day of school is really overwhelming: the school finds out how many of its parts serve to something beautiful (like the castle in the courtyard!), but it also involves the angry comments of the children that the school doesn't want to know (""I Hate school""), sees the children crying hopeless in the cross its threshold, but also hear jokes that are really hilarious in the canteen, shake and start to mistake the fire alarm and remains enraptured by the designs of some of the children. In short, a first day worthily full of ups and downs. And in the end? "It was a great day for you," said the Guardian. “Could you...” he began to say the school. "You may get them back tomorrow?"".

This story (perhaps a bit longer if I think of children of 3 years, that should turn!) I liked it for the realism, full of concern and enthusiasm, and avoid the path of easy assurance, in favour of a true confusion about where the beauty wins. As if to say: you will feel discouraged, make mistakes, be afraid, but then at the end of the day, you can not say do not be fond of a little of that place. Not to mention the curious glance with which the children can look at their school. Flawless illustrations!

Instead chooses the path of irony To school mom! an unexpected but very welcome return (I have the edition of Elle, 1990), which imagines a world upside down where are the mothers not wanting to raise on the first day of school. ""Wake up, mom! Come on, stand up, or we'll late for school". How many times have we uttered these words to the children and for the whole of August did not have to wake up at 7 in the morning, but that the first day of school have decided to recover the fatigue and sleep till noon?!?! The story follows therefore this imaginary situation for the mothers to kick with the eyes cisposi. Children older (by 6 years) will be esilarati.

""No, No and No. I don't want to. I want to sleep! It is too early! And then I want to walk with you, go to the sea, and play with dad. No, No and no! I don't want to go to school!"". Protest mom with head under the pillow. The girl has her work cut out to convince her mother to wash, get dressed, put on his raincoat and, finally, exit. The muzzle, however, does not disappear and all the way back to school Paola sings the praises of all the wonders that costelleranno the day of his mother: ""you Know, mom, the day will pass quickly. Now, go in the office, read the newspaper, type a machine versatility a couple of things... and it is now noon." Paola has, perhaps, a mother's abnormal! No, No. Arrived at the gate of the school, the reader is aware that the situation is widespread, and alongside each of the tot cheerful, happy and perky, there are so many mothers to disappoint and musone. The children enjoy the happiness of getting together, tell each of the holidays, embrace it: ""you know, you need to give them time to get used to. The first day of school is hard for the mothers"".

In addition to the facile irony (the web is filled with more or less photos funny mothers uncorked bottles of wine and celebrate the beginning of school of the children) I found it very beautiful to think of the community of children as a group of peers who finds himself happily and that has a life of its own. Because in the end, this happens, and it happens much more easily than you think: overcoming, in fact, the pose that he wants the children kick in to think of the return on the benches, if the school and the teachers have done their work, the children are happy to go back to school!

The joy and the rice to accompany the reading, drama of the tension as possible. A short reading really enjoyable!

Ready, therefore, to change your point of view?

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