The schedule for Rai Play: the novelty of the next season


Published on Jul 12, 2019


Great news for the many viewers of Rai and, in particular, for those of Rai Play. In this article, in fact, we will see what will be all the programs that Rai has thought about for the loyal to the streaming platform. What we will see on Rai Play in the next season? Confirmations and news, of course. From the series, the entertainment programmes. From the Usa+ at The Nest.

But what are the innovations that await us for the upcoming fall season on the streaming platform Rai Play? Here is the schedule official announced in an official way.

Among the programs Rai landing on the platform streaming Rai Play also gets Usa+ with the conduct of Piero Angela. It's fifteen episodes addressed are not fans of culture and science, but also for young people, with the transmission on demand. But not only because together with Piero Angela, there will be young ones who, with their simple language, they will transmit the cultural values at all.

About culture, there will also be two collection devoted fundamentally to the the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre of Piazza Fontana.

With regard to the tv series, on Rai tv Play will be available in The Nest, the first series of the original production of Rai Play. The protagonist is Giorgio Tirabassi and the series will be composed of episodes divided in about thirty minutes each.

Speaking of series we will see: Halt and Catch Fire, Madam Secretary, the X Files and McGiver.

Will then be still available on Rai Play programs to great success as Doctors and Rocco Schiavone. In addition, important films such as: The Wolf of Wall Street, The Imitation Game and Dallas Buyers Club.

Space then to the tv of the small. Children can watch on the streaming platform of the Rai many cartoons including: Peppa Pig, Gormiti, PJ Mask, Leo and Tig and really many others.

Not to miss the sport. On Rai tv Play will be available to the World of Gymnastics and Athletics, but not only. You probably will also with the European Volleyball male and female, and the Cup of the World regarding Rugby.

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