The Sandman Universe: all series will be of 12 numbers


Published on Jul 20, 2018


In the day of ierie, the writer of the fibres and can be smoked, Hopkins held a press conference in which he illustrated his next work, and his creative process.

Of course, a large part of the conference was monopolized by the prestigious assignment that Hopkins will cover the inside of the imprinting of the Sandman Universe by writing the new series, House of Whispers.

The writer has confirmed that his pitch home – dating back even to 2016 – had been on for a graphic novel, and only with the advent of Neil Gaiman as cured imprinting you have been asked to change the idea in a “serialized graphic novel” of 12 numbers.

The Hopkins then confirmed to the audience that all the series will be monthly and will be composed of 12 numbers.

In fact, therefore, the the Sandman Universe will follow the model already used by DC's Young Animal, the imprint curated by Gerard Way, whose series lasted for 12 issues starting then with a second wave of serialization by 6 numbers.

House of Whispers " will debut in September and will be written by fibres and can be smoked Hopkins and designed by Dominike Stanton:



The Sandman Universe: all series will be of 12 numbers is




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