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Published on Jun 24, 2019


All the fans of the comics, americans know that the Sandman, the legendary series created by the british Neil Gaiman, represents one of the top creative of Vertigo, the publishing division of adult of the DC created by the great Karen Berger. The acclaimed writer of American Gods went on to gain fame and success just with the events of the God of Dreams Morpheus, characterized by a successful mix of fantasy and horror. The response of the comic-book was so large as to push the DC to publish the various series and mini-series related to that, taking advantage of, then, the vast and fascinating universe conceived by the volcanic Gaiman.

At a certain point, however, Neil decided to close it, and the DC accepted, in spite of, the decision. But Morpheus remained in the hearts of many, and a few years ago, Neil takes it up in the beautiful miniseries the Sandman Overture. And now the Vertigo, with a strong feedback of the initiative, has taken the characters with four necklaces Vertigo that belong to a line called the Sandman Universe.

RW Lion to the public in a comic anthology that will contain The Dreaming, the comic-book set in the World of Dreams and focused on the figure of Daniel, son of Morpheus and the current Sandman, and of the various inhabitants of that dimension; the Books of Magic, a publication dedicated to Tim Hunter, the young wizard created by Gaiman and in the past the protagonist of a register of the Vertigo of a good standard; Lucifer, the monthly magazine that tells the vicissitudes of the disturbing Star of the Morning, ruler of the Underworld; and the House of Whispers introduces a new place, the House of Whispers, located in the labyrinthine and complex regions of the Kingdom of the Dream.
This first number, however, contains the special Sandman Universe that introduces the characters and creates the premises of the stories told in the four series. The adventure was conceived by the same Gaiman, with texts by Simon Spurrier that will take care of The Dreaming; fibres and can be smoked Hopkinson who will sign the House of Whispers; Dan Watters, author of Lucifer, and Kat Howard who recounts the adventures of the Books of Magic. It all begins in the world of dreams ruled by Daniel. There is something, however, that should not be. These, in fact, is gone for some mysterious reason and the world of dreams is slowly breaking down.

The first to notice it is the librarian, Lucien, but soon to be Cain, Abel, Mervyn Pumpkin Head, Eve and the crow, Matthew will understand that the situation is worrying. Gaiman and his collaborators play with an idea that is already known to the fans, and that is, that of the kingdom of dreams abandoned by his regent, more or less as it happened in the first few episodes of the old series. It will be up to Matthew the difficult task of finding Daniel and warn him of the danger. As you can imagine, however, the child of Morpheus is not meant to be found. For what reason? This is the first enigma inserted in the plot.

But the mystery involves other individuals, such as, for example, a new entry, Dora, that could be an inhabitant of the realm of Daniel, or perhaps something different; and the darkness, Erzulie, the goddess voodoo from the objectives unclear. Not to be neglected then the young Tim Hunter has a lot of problems and now has to contend with his teacher, Rose, the female part of another famous magic hero of the DCU, Dr. Occult. Finally, as if that was not enough, Lucifer is in trouble and looking for his son.

Gaiman and his companions, outlining an intriguing storyline, in line with the classic style of Vertigo, one of the best of times, so to speak, and manage to intrigue and engage with dreamlike and fairy-tale. The overall result is valid, but of course you need to read the series regular to express a judgment more and more articulated.
The drawings of the special have been entrusted to the penciler of the four tested. Bilquis It, Tom Fowler and Dominique ‘Domo’ Stanton have sometimes one style is too crude. But, in any case, prove to be effective. More interesting is the evidence of Max and Sebastian Fumara that adorn the pencils with elegant chiaroscuro. We can say, though. from the point of view of illustrating the special is discontinuous.

In spite of this, this editorial initiative is to be welcomed in a positive way, if nothing else because it takes up characters are not devoid of charm and charisma, and it is certainly recommended to fans of fantasy and fans of the side the mystical/esoteric Vertigo.

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