The Sandman: Neil Gaiman talks about the probability of a movie


Published on Mar 11, 2019


The creator Neil Gaiman has a few ideas on the matter, but has a optimistic view. Gaiman has participated at the SXSW in Austin, Texas, during which was held a special event for his next series Amazon Good Omens.

At the #GoodOmens event, someone asked about Jon Hamm's Christian Louboutins. Aisha Tyler gave him a full-on "WHAT ARE THOSE?" (Bonus: This clip starts with @neilhimself answering the question of when we'll get a Sandman/Endless movie.) #SXSW

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During the question and answer session, a fan asked Gaiman the chance to see the Sandman or some other movie on the Eternal in the future: “The Eternal are property of DC Comics/Time Warner and not mine,” explained Gaiman. “[Good Omens] was done by me and Terry [Pratchett] and I own the rights, so as to be able to control it. I think that with the passing of days, with the passing of years, the probability that a film of the Sandman happens, of course, continually increases. But I don't have a voice.”

The Sandman has started his publication in 1989, before the birth of the label, Vertigo Comics, but is credited as the source of inspiration for its creation. It was then one of the crown jewels of the Vertigo Comics. The protagonist of the series is Dream, the personification in human form of dreams and lord of the kingdom of dreams; the mysterious, lonely figure always dressed in black, it is also called Morpheus, Oneiros, he moulded, the prince of stories,...

Warner Bros. has tried to adapt the Sandman since the late ’90s, but has struggled to make progress. David S. Goyer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been involved in the most recent attempt to transform the series into a film, first announced in 2013. Gordon-Levitt has left the project in 2016, when Eric Heisserer was brought in to rewrite the script. Also Heisserer has abandoned the project after handing over the draft of the screenplay. Since there are few news on the project. As noted by the moderator of the panel, Aisha Tyler in the video above, streaming services offer new opportunities for the Sandman. Some, including Heisserer, have wondered if the Sandman would work better as a tv series on a network like HBO. If HBO has success with his series of Watchmen coming in, perhaps can think of the Sandman. James Mangold has presented such an adaptation to HBO in 2010, but was refused.

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman talks about the probability of a movie is




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