The Samsung event full of news: Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home [Video]


Published on Aug 09, 2018


Samsung has unveiled its latest smartphone series of Notes, the Galaxy Note 9. The device has a Super AMOLED display from 6.4" with the resolution of 2960 x 1400 and, like the previous models, supports the S Pen, improved significantly in this round.

The heart of the Galaxy Note 9 has the Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm and can count on 6/8GB of RAM, two speakers AKG, and a 4000 mAh battery. The camera has the same 12MP used on the Note 8, but with the addition of the Intelligent Room that is able to recognize in total autonomy, when the user has intention of shooting a photo (such as posing). The Spandragon 845 then, as explained by Samsung, is accompanied by a “Water-Carbon Cooling System”, to improve performance with applications that are more “demanding” from the point of view of energy.

The door to another level of your gaming experience. Galaxy Note9 offers exceptional performance during the game thanks to a processor that is cutting edge that eliminates the delays, a liquid cooling system and carbon, which helps prevent overheating and a regulator of performance based on intelligent Ai that ensures stability and speed.

The S Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a new Bluetooth feature that allows you to use the stylus to take photos (selfie included), handle video playback, and more. Samsung has created an SDK that will allow developers to integrate the S Pen into their apps.

The Galaxy Note 9 of course, supports DeX, which is that function that allows you to connect your smartphone to a desktop computer, to be able to use it with a mouse and keyboard. The implementations of DeX, and this is the most interesting aspect, you do not require a particular accessory, but only the traditional USB cable-C to HDMI.

The smartphone is also equipped with a USB port-C, port jack 3.5 mm, of a scanner in front of the iris, and a fingerprint sensor located on the back. Although Google has launched the Android Pie 9.0, the Galaxy Note 9 will come with Android 8.1.

The starting price of the Galaxy Note 9 €1.029, the same of the iPhone X (obviously in the USA). The version with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal memory (expandable) has a cost of €1.279. Pre-orders have already begun, the arrival on the market is instead scheduled for 24 August.

But that's not all, in fact, in addition to the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Watch, a wearable device LTE designed to look like a “real " clock, with circular dial. The glass is a DX+, the battery ensures that it has greater autonomy than the previous models. According to Samsung, a single charge should provide several days of autonomy.

Galaxy Watch includes several features like the heart rate monitor, support, and Bixby, 39 types of workouts, and is able to automatically recognise six types of exercises. Unlike the Apple Watch, the wearable device signed by Samsung was also able to monitor the quality of sleep.

To recharge the Galaxy Note 9 and the samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung has introduced a product very similar to AirPower Apple, which can recharge multiple devices at the same time.

An event full of news for Samsung. The giant south-Korean has also introduced the Galaxy Home, a smart speaker-based Bixby that will compete with Amazon's Echo, Google's Home and, of course, the HomePod. The device will be able to play sound in all directions.

For the Galaxy Home, and other devices with its trademark, Samsung has partnered with Spotify, for a listening experience truly complete. Spotify will be part of the setup process on all devices of the company, such as a smartphone, Galaxy Home, Smart TV, and at the arrival, also the interaction of Bixby.

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