The said Fact to the 14 for now does not improve: Channel 5 always unbeatable, Rai 1 limps


Published on Oct 15, 2019


How did you listen to of the afternoon on the 14th of October 2019 with the return on Rai 1 de the Paradise of The lord and the new/old location of Said Fact to the 14? Let's find out with the data from auditel its own to listen to it yesterday to reveal how they went the programs broadcast in the afternoon. The programme schedule of Rai 1 is changed again, but the music is still the same: Channel 5 remains unbeatable in the time band that goes from 14 to 18.45, there is no one. And for the moment, the new displacement of Said Fact to the 14 has not brought big news. The program of Bianca Guaccero record the same, listen to this first month with less than 5 % share and an average of 500 thousand spectators.

But let's see in detail the data collected yesterday afternoon.

Here are the ratings of the afternoon on Rai 1 from 14 to 18.45

Come to Me convinced 1.636.000 viewers (12.2% share) and the Paradise of The Lord and signed the 14.2% with 1.527.000 spectators. La Vita in diretta " informs 1.258.000 viewers with 12.9% in the presentation and 1.524.000 – 14.6% in the actual program.

The numbers Come to me are growing, although very far from those who perhaps expected when Caterina Balivo arrived in the Rai. Holding his The Paradise of the lord to his return to tv, which also allows you to better listen to de La vita in diretta", and it certainly is much better than what the program Cuccarini and Matano had done in the same time slot this month.

Beautiful 2.499.000 viewers (17.2%), A Life 2.479.000 viewers with a 17.5% share while Men and Women, it goes to 24% with 2.954.000 spectators (Men and Women Final to 23.8% with 2.541.000 spectators). The Secret symbol of the 22.5% with 2.202.000 spectators. Afternoon Five the door to 17.4% with 1.695.000 spectators in the first part, to 16.7% with 1.836.000 spectators in the second and 14.4% with 1.761.000 spectators in the third, of short duration.

No smudging, in the afternoon Canale 5 is practically perfect.

Said Fattoha convinced 582.000 viewers (4.7%), Open and Win 492.000 (5.1%) and Special Squad Cobra 11 373.000 (3.9%).

For the time being and then Channel 5 remains the absolute leader of the band that goes from 14 to 18.45 arriving in some of the moments of the overlap and beyond the direct competitor, Rai 1.

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