The sad reason why Milly Carlucci wearing fake hair: “I don't want to...

Published on Sep 11, 2018

Milly Carlucci will return shortly with his Dancing with the stars. Meanwhile, the presenter is already struggling with the first gossip, and the usual legends about his hair

Milly Carlucci is a presenter much loved and esteemed. Thanks to her beauty and her talent in the show has managed to have a career, wonderful. But even for her there were difficulties and problems.

Many have made the case a little difficult not to notice. Milly Carlucci on Dancing with the stars, but also in other programs has always be a head of hair is impeccable, In reality, are not natural hair, but artificial. It would, in fact, a wig. But because Milly is wearing a wig?

His hair has definitely been in the beginning one of the reasons for its success. Those curly blonde, over the years, have given place to a crown smooth and perfect. For many web users, the presenter would have had to resort to this remedy because of hair loss.

Milly Carlucci is a woman like many that suffer from alopecia? And this is what you ask the fans the most frequent presenter. In reality, Milly has never told to have a similar disease, even if being very common there would be nothing wrong with that. The same Meghan truman gates, has appeared in public with a thinning crowns due to stress maybe.

After so many gossips on her hair, the same Carlucci has broken the silence and has revealed once and for all that this is not the wigs, but only exstension. During an interview with the weekly Today, in fact, Milly Carlucci explains, using the extension because of the fear of putting too much stress on her natural hair. These are his words:

“In fact, I have never liked it, I hate the length of the walk and I'm afraid to stay with three hair on his head. I try to not stress by using the extension. They are a necessity, to me they are good, long hair”.

It's sad, but every woman has its own methods to prevent the signs of time from making too many negative changes to your own beauty.

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