The royal wedding between the loves, the secrets and gossip


Published on Jul 11, 2019


All the details of the much admired celebrations

The royal weddings have always inspired in the common people a sense of fairy-tale magic and ancient beauty. The most recent was that of Harry and Meghan, who have sworn eternal love in the castle of Windsor, in St. George's Chapel, on the 19th of may 2018. There are many innovations in the celebration of this wedding, from the choice of Meghan entering alone in the Church the presence of the first bishop of african-american episcopal Church in the u.s., which has been entrusted to the sermon. From their love is born Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on the 6th of may 2019.

Prince William partied with Kate, 8 years of marriage. It was, in fact, on the 29th of April 2011 and was one of the royal wedding the most discussed and followed from all over the world. Companions of study at the university, the two were friends before dating, so she has lived in the same apartment. In November 2010, comes the official proposal of marriage by prince William. Today, William and Kate have three children, George, a short 6 years, Charlotte 4, and Louis, who has just turned a year last April 23.

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The secrets of the royal wedding and also their role in the huge media success of the Windsor are revealed by the journalist and blogger from italy, Marina Minelli, in the book “Royal Wedding – queen victoria to prince Harry, the weddings that have created the myth of the English monarchy”. The writer tells the story with great detail, and endless curiosity the story public but also the private lives of the royal family the most famous in the world.

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It is no mystery that the public is always very interested in the events of the royal families of Europe, with an eye to the English. If we go beyond the wedding, we will see that their relationships, their outputs institutional, their look, their joys and their pains are kept under close observation by the public and by the press, always looking for the detail that has gone unnoticed to most.


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