The Royal Baby-to-arrive Kate Middleton? Here are the clues...


Published on Sep 16, 2019


Kate Middleton and Prince William will become the new parents?

Kate Middleton pregnant for the fourth time? There are rumors on a new pregnancy real. It would seem, in fact, that the wife of prince William are expecting a baby. Fans of the royal family think that there is a new royal baby, a royal girl to be precise: some rumors say that in his early days of school Charlotte, daughter of William and Kate, has declared to classmates that his mother is expecting a baby girl.

Another clue that made suspicious was the change of hairstyle Kate: this, before today, it always happened in conjunction with the other three pregnancies, each accompanied by a change of look, different for each child.

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The change of the look of Kate has already sent in tilt the web. “New hair cut – Kate is pregnant again? She changes always cut the hair when you are pregnant”. “Kate has changed his hair, I'm pretty sure is pregnant.” These are just some of the comments that you can read on social. We just have to wait to find out if the duchess is really pregnant.

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William and Kate already have three other children: George, born July 22, 2013, Charlotte, was born on the 2nd may 2015 and Louis, born 23 April 2018. Will then Louis to become a big brother or will the small house?

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