The Robot prepares the pizza in 4.30 minutes

Published on Jul 01, 2018

Purists, lovers of tradition, craft work and where to put your hands in the dough, feel the textures, smell the scents, taste the flavours, to add a special touch, the secret of the chef, will surely turn up their noses at the pizza prepared by a robot.

The idea is the start-up of the French Ekim in the north of France the pizzas realize the robot, the machine takes care of everything, stretches the dough, season it, bake it, set the cooking time, pulls the pizza from the oven, cuts it and puts it in the cartons of take-away, everything takes four minutes and thirty seconds.

Philippe Goldman, one of the founders explained that each robot has three arms so as to be able to do more things at the same time, with this method they can produce one hundred and twenty pizzas an hour, through a video produced by Reuters you can see the robot at work, distribute the tomato sauce across a plate stretches the dough, a sort of rolling pin, mechanical, bake, bakes, and serves.

Even the pizzas are chosen by a sort of electronic menu, but can also be customized with the ingredients that you want, are prepared in front of the customer who can observe the work of the robot from a monitor, once ready, the pizza is put in the takeout containers and given to you as a distributor.


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