The Road to the Draft: Patrick Queen


Published on Mar 24, 2020


Age: 20 – Role: Linebacker – College: LSU
Class: Junior Height: 6'1" (1.85 m) Weight: 227 lbs (103 kg)

The brood of talent out of the oven by the reigning NCAA of LSU is one of the most impressive of the last years. In addition to Joe Burrow, many other starter the Tigers have stated that they are in the draft, 2020 and Patrick Queen is definitely the jewel to the defence of the team coached by Ed Orgeron. As a Linebacker among the most talented of the entire class, has proven to be a true point guard, able to raise the level of its performance when the stakes rise to the level of the samples.

Queen is a linebacker that is modern, agile and fast, capable of covering the entire field and quickly get to the tackle. Is very attentive to the game, knows how to position yourself well in the field and he has an excellent ability of reading, which leads him to react in a few seconds the situation offensive. In zone coverage is reliable, knows how to follow the attacker and can surprise you with a play on the ball, as in the interception against Alabama (which you can see at 0.50 in the video below). He loves the physical battle despite not being very strong physically, but appreciated his desire to fight and to never give up. He has great leadership skills and loves to get excited in the crucial moments of the match.

It is not very strong at the physical level, he needs to put on a lot of muscle mass to be able to land the big running back or tight end. Sometimes, as we saw, suffer the stiff arm shots to keep away the defender, which is not quick to wriggle out of. As a blitzer, just because of a little strength, and is not particularly effective and if it came into contact with one of the guard's rude would be excluded from the game. Not a great experience from starter, only 16 games played at LSU from the owner.

Patrick Queen may need at least a season to acclimatise to the pro level, but is seen as a starter on the three down in the position of MIKE linebacker in a defense with a 4-3 win. Is a born leader, and the command of the department seems to be safely in his strings.

Rarely, the linebackers are appreciated to such an extent as to be the protagonists of the draft. The class is interesting, with at least a trio of young players of great talent, but it is very likely that the Queen will be chosen in the second half of the first round, by teams who have a clear need for reinforcement in the department as a linebacker.

They need the Buffalo Bills, who currently have only Tremaine Edmunds to the roster. The Las Vegas Raiders, with the second pick in the disposal of their first-round, you may choose Queen to re-establish their department. Or even the Baltimore Ravens, who maybe risking a trade up, might enhance the interior of their defense with the strong talent from LSU.




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