The road to the Draft: K Lavon Chaisson


Published on Apr 14, 2020


Age: 20 – Role: EDGE – College: LSU
Class: RS Sophomore Height: 6'4" (1.93 m) Weight: 254 lbs (115 kg)

The name of K Lavon (to be pronounced as Kay-luh-vahn) Chaisson – such as that of literally any other starter in the LSU record – came to the fore in this last season, in what was a First Team All-SEC, thanks to its a 13.5 TFL and 6.5 sacks in 13 games.

The marriage between Chaisson and the university of Baton Rouge was early: the scholarship he was offered, in fact, while attending only the second year of the Houston North Shore High School, where, among other things, had not yet played a single down. But recruiters LSU say that “it took time”, seeing the quality of a guy that only played two years of high school football. Two years which, however, were enough to make him a recruit, 4-star, belonging to the top 50 prospects of the whole nation. But, as said, LSU played in advance, not allowing the many universities that he would be concerned, and is able to offer a place in the team.

The court of Ed Orgeron began immediately with the right foot, playing 12 games in his year by a true freshman, including 3 from the holder, and closing the year with 27 tackles, including a 4.5 for-loss and 2 sacks.

His second year he was jumped in feet equal, obtaining the redshirt (which is why it presents itself in the draft, being officially a sophomore), because of a bad injury accorsogli during the season opener at the cruciate ligament in the knee. Injury, this one, which is also the cause of the only “red flag” placed on his name by the observers, in the NFL, who are well aware of the fact that a second accident of the same type in the same knee, you may terminate the professional career of the guy.

Chaisson is an edge rusher – to be more precise it is a outside linebacker from defence to the front odd – that, in his so far short career is almost always started at the snap from a position “outside tackle”, i.e. preferring to be positioned outside with respect to the offensive, which allows him to use his speed and not suffer excessively the gap of physical with the OL.

Great, therefore, is the explosive strength of the lower part of his body, which, linked to a resistance rare for a guy his size, makes him a constant danger on the lines offensive, along the entire span of 60 minutes. His body seems to be built for this: long arms and hands, “heavy”, in addition to a massive body, but fast. For this K the Avon is a difficult assignment for any offensive lineman, which most times in the game could be bypassed by his opponent before being able to react.

In the last year, Chaisson has shown it can be explosive both by starting from a 2 from a 3-point-stance, which increases dramatically its unpredictability and makes it, therefore, a defender is hard to read before the snap by the quarterback.
Despite being primarily a pass rusher, thanks to his agility and flexibility makes no special effort to “escape” in pass coverage, and feels at ease in the open field.
Also, despite having played less than 30 games in college, his football IQ seems to be of the highest level, especially with regard to the reading of, and subsequent defense – of racing.

To assess the leadership of the guy would probably report that in the last season, she dressed dressed in purple and gold number 18, a number that, for the university of Baton Rouge, has taken on a special meaning after the victorious season of 2003, and that, since then, is annually awarded to a player of a particular charism, in addition to quality.

For Chaissono, in addition to the already reported problem of accidents – in fact the ligament two years ago to be added to the physical irritation to be had this year – there is one of his fit in a defense that is different from the 3-4 used by Dave Aranda to LSU, where he was linebacker outside. We are, in fact, treating an edge rusher, but to be able to play defensive end in a front equal need as a minimum of 6-7 kilos more, the weight that should be able to add without losing the speed and flexibility that allow it to also defend in the open field that make him a prospect, more versatile (and therefore more palatable) than the other edge rusher “one-dimensional”, as E. J. Epenesa or Yetur Gross-Matos.

The NFL Prospect Grade Chaisson (the scale of evaluation of prospects) is 6.88, which is the sixth highest value of the entire class draft, behind Young, Okudah, Brown, Simmons, and Burrow. Even the name of this product has gone up in prices in the last period, and is expected to be called around the middle of the first round.

The team, most indiziata to grab his sports performance is Atlanta, they will choose to 16 and in need of a player of this type. If the Falcons were to pass, at 17 it's Dallas, it, too, in search of an edge rusher. Among others, New England and Seattle are looking for a player with similar characteristics, but, by choosing the most back, will probably have to settle for another.




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