The Road to the Draft: Justin Herbert


Published on Mar 21, 2020


Age: 22 – Role: Quarterback – College: Oregon
Class: Senior – Height: 6’6’ (1.98 m) – Weight: 227 lbs (103 kg)

Justin Herbert is a boy, Eugene, Oregon, was born in a ten-minute drive from the campus of the University of Oregon, which, since young, is a supporter. Before approdarci, however, had time to win a title state with the Sheldon High School in his senior year, helping with the 3’130 yards passing, 37 TD passes, and 543 rushing yards. The school gained excellent results also in baseball, a sport which she loves and always in college had to leave with deep regret.
Despite the excellent last season at the high school in Herbert, however, were very few recruiters who rang his doorbell: in addition to the university of his home, in fact, the only other scholarships, he's subject to were those of Portland State, Northern Arizona and Nevada-two schools in the FCS and FBS “non-power-5”.

With the Ducks became the first true freshman in 33 years as the owner as the signal-caller – the last, 33 years before (1983), was Chris Miller, seen then in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons – playing from the beginning of 7 games, throwing 19 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

Its growth, in the period of the college, is highlighted by the contemporary improvement of its Ducks in the four years in which he has been quarterback: from the disappointing 4-8 season 2016, to 12-2 this year, with its wins of the conference and the Rose Bowl, passing for the 7-6 2017, and for the 9-4, 2018. A constant and continuous growth, which has led him this year to rewrite its record-yard touchdown run (3’471) and TD passes (32).

First among the qualities of this guy is his intelligence. No, we don't talk about “football IQ” – oh, for heaven's sake, even that is high, but full-fledged intelligence, calculated on the basis of the academic results of his career, not only collegiate: graduated in biology, has maintained an average score of 4.0 (scale of evaluation of the american stop at 4.0) during his stay in Eugene, also won the William V. Campbell Trophy – also known as the “Academic Heisman” – that is, the award which is annually awarded to the best student-athlete, in which, at least in this case, it gives more weight to the term that precedes the hyphen.

Its excellent performance at the Combine has also made the leap to the eye on her – from some unexpected athleticism: the 4.68 seconds are the third-best result for a quarterback, behind only Cole McDonald and Jalen Hurts, considered “dual threat QB”; and the only McDonald's has managed to overcome the 35.5 inch vertical, Herbert.

Does not like too much exit from the pocket to run, but when forced to do so, it serves well of his physical means to gain yards and the last Rose Bowl has been the most striking example, with 3 touchdowns scored, all in a situation of scramble.
The cleaning of his passing technique has been put brilliantly on display in the exercises of the Combine: probably has the arm more powerful class QB this year, and not lose precision if forced to look for deep tracks.
Not revealed in the years of college to suffer too much pressure: often in third down was able to be more effective than in the others, demonstrating an excellent capacity for choice in a critical situation.

Is a boy reserved, even by american standards, defined as “timid” by some of his former teammates. In the field of his work is good, but may not have the personality to manage and to immediately attack composed of professionals of the long course.
Also, scare a little bit of numerous accidents occurred mainly in the earliest possible age, i.e. between the high school and the first years of college, in particular the fracture of the femur occurred in 2014, and that of the clavicle of 2017. It should be said that, from when he beefed up his physique, he has not suffered any type of injury, nor of the origin of the traumatic nature of the muscle.

The only true fault that can be blamed is his vision, not excessively quick alternatives to his main target: when the latter is closed by the secondary adversary, often Herbert was “refuge” in a race to scramble rather than look for a different solution. Trend, this daughter of the attack rather conservative imposed by coach Cristobal to Oregon, the coach is not inclined to take excessive risks.
The last consideration to make is that he, with the Oregon Ducks, he has only ever played from a shotgun formation, i.e. receiving the snap is at least 5 yards behind the centre. The Combine has demonstrated a fairly good mobility, even in the case of the snap delivered, but it is certainly a situation which lacks experience and on which it will be necessary to make it work to acquire the proper security.

Will probably be the third quarterback to be chosen, after the Burrow, and Tagovailoa and first Love. That's why all (or almost all) of the damage as very likely the number 6, for the Chargers. In any case, if, as claimed by the “few”, the Chargers should preferirgli someone else, his name will not go certainly in addition to the choice of the Colts, that is the 13.
The prediction the most obvious, as mentioned, is that in the fate of Justin Herbert there is the City of the Angels, but the Chargers, as for this allowance, the time has come to close the chapter on Philip Rivers and begin to write a new one and, to do this, the most logical thing is to just start from the draft.




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