The Road to the Draft: Joe Burrow


Published on Apr 04, 2020


Age: 23 – Role: Quarterback – College: LSU
Class: Senior – Height: 6'4" (1.93 m) Weight: 216 lbs (98 kg)

If at the beginning of the season 2019 I had spoken to Joe Burrow, you would have listened with a vague indifference. The best season ever recorded by a quarterback in the history of the SEC, which culminated with the victory of the title as the NCAA, has brought Burrow to the pinnacle of college football, and on the radar of the teams in the NFL, ready to welcome the quarterback of the future, one of the likely men-the image of the league in the years to come.

Watching the play of the Burrow is clearly emerging as both a quarterback with intelligence and refined in the field. It is really rare to see a rookie with his quality of reading pre-snap, the ability of adjustment of the attack and knowledge of the mismatch with the opposing defense. A scholar of the game, and maniac's playbook, is a guy who always strives to be at the top, with leadership skills recognised and has been able to elevate to a level never reached the attack of LSU. He has the intangibles that are pleasing both to the general manager of the NFL and will be, without a doubt, the face of the franchise who choose it. At the technical level has an excellent mechanics of the launch, knowing when to anticipate the release to put the receiver in the best position to receive the ball. In the pocket he moves wonderfully, with many small movements that confuse defenders and allow you to create launch windows optimal.

It is precise on all types of launch and is a master at putting his target in the best possible condition for a gain after the catch. The footwork is clean, keeps calm under pressure and is able to give pace to the attack. Always try not to create bad situations for the team, keeping alive the play where possible and, if necessary, absorbing the contact, however, does not affect the possession of the ball. Able to read the whole field and is capable of making the big throws in the big play anywhere and at any time. Very good throwing motion, where he manages to adjust with the body and compensate for the lack of a “braccione”.

The big problems in the game of the Burrow is not there. Like every rookie, will suffer the adaptation to the fast play in the NFL, where he will be asked to speed up the mental process of decision making. He's 24 years old, maybe a little too much for a rookie, especially in the light of the 23 MVP in charge Lamar Jackson, but is just a statistic that does not affect the play of the quarterback.

The Burrow is a statement ready from the first day. Definitely have in the team a veteran quarterback can help him, but who will choose the boy of the Ohio, the want to command the attack from the first game of the regular season.

Chase Young, pound for pound, is perhaps the strongest player in the draft, and Tua Tagovailoa, healthy at 100%, he could perhaps affect the status of the phenomenon seen at LSU but at present Burrow is definitely not the first overall pick of the draft 2020.

Unless disasters, or trade casino, and since we are in Las Vegas with the draft you never know, Joe Burrow will be chosen by the Cincinnati Bengals, who will begin a new era under the aegis of the son of Ohio. They will then build a team around, but it is beyond doubt that the Cincinnati the choice of the Burrow is the first piece to return to the competitive.




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