The road to the Draft: Jerry Jeudy


Published on Apr 10, 2020


Age: 21 – Role: Wide Receiver – College: Alabama
Class: Junior Height: 6'1" (1.85 m) Weight: 192 lbs (87 kg)

Periodically in college football, there is a spare in the main roles, this year the class has produced talent really interesting in the role of a wide receiver, much closer to the class of 2014 who produced players like Odell Beckham and Mike Evans, just to name two. The player of today comes from Alabama, a school that recently produced in order to Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, and Calvin Ridley as receivers. Jerry Jeudy since high school, he was a talent to be requested so much by going out with a 5-star rating, the maximum. Is a guy who has always grown, but the change of gear decisive had it when there was the change in the role of Quarterback between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, in that season, he made 68 receptions for 1315 yards and 14 touchdowns, earning the award for the best receiver in college football (Fred Biletnikoff Award), while in the last season, his numbers are slightly down, but despite the injury of Your own, has always contributed much to the cause of the attack on Nick Saban.

Even if the height is not ideal for the NFL, Jeudy has been shown to be dominant. If it is positioned in the slot is a weapon capable of destroying the secondary opponents. His athletic skills are excellent and his speed on the long is impressive, riuscendosi to easily free of play cornerback at the opponent, with a first step phenomenal added to a constancy of the race really good. Thanks to all of this, it often manages to escape with the help of safety and score an “easy” touchdown. His “route running” is really good and often manages to free himself without even touching the defensive back opponent, also on third down is a weapon very important because its ability to run well in the tracks court in the middle of the field, makes him a perfect target to complete a few yards as you need. His hands are good, this added to its speed make it very difficult to be plated and in an open field is a machine from the yard. When it comes to blocking, Jeudy doesn't pull back, uses very well his speed and agility to go in to block the defensive back, and this is greatly appreciated in the league, mainly because the racing side and the screen are always the most used.

One of the downsides of Jeudy is its size, you probably will have to put on a few pounds to be able to beat the tackle to the pros. In college, he rarely dealt with the “press” coverage, and often had to receive balls which are contested, its capacity in this specific game is yet to be seen. The slot is his home and this has hardly been used on the outside of the attack, where, according to me, it could still do well, but it is still a feature of his game to develop. There are some problems drop, according to me, it's more for the desire to want to immediately run, removing the eyes from the ball to the hands, which as already mentioned are not elite, but they are still good.

Among the pro's could already now be a receiver number one in certain attacks, for example, in one of Shanahan to the 49ers, where Garoppolo loves to throw to the middle of the field and Jeudy is very strong in the slot. That said, this should be good for any team in the league, because it simply is too strong to be used constantly and hardly will face a lot of press in the NFL, because it is truly too fast with the first step. It is a potential playmaker even among the pro and should make the throat to the league.

Jerry Jeudy is for me the first of the receivers in the class, if the play, however, with CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma, but they are really two statements very different. His combine went well with all the tests good and then there are all the various tape of college football that leave little doubt about the quality of the player. For me it is a talent that should not fall under the top 10, but because of the high necessity of the teams to choose a man of the line of attack could also go down.

The Las Vegas Raiders would be in desperate need of a playmaker of the level of Jeudy, after a peaceful separation of the last season with Antonio Brown, Derek Carr has a real wide receiver number one and the talent of Alabama would be perfect for that role, also because free agency has not arrived any receiver relevant.

Immediately below there are the San Francisco 49ers, who have recently lost Emmanuel Sanders, who went to the New Orleans Saints and you find that they just Deebo Samuel and George Kittle as receivers to be reliable. Jerry Jeudy it would be really perfect for the schema offensive Kyle Shanahan, who may use it in the slot where it would be truly devastating.




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