The Road to the Draft: Isaiah Simmons


Published on Apr 01, 2020


Age: 21 – Role: Linebacker – College: Clemson
Class: Junior Height: 6'4" (1.93 m) Weight: 238 lbs (108 kg)

Isaiah Simmons is one of the players most extraordinary that you have in the Draft 2020. A unique talent, able to play almost every role of the defensive deployment and be effective at every level of the football field. Clemson has been a real unicorn can change the defense of the Tigers. Is presented to the public at large as one of the most intriguing players in football modern.

When you look at the talent of the calibre of Simmons, we cannot but be amazed at how her qualities are phenomenal. The simple fact of being able to be as incisive as outside linebacker, as inside, as a safety or as a nickel play cornerback is impressive. A statuesque figure and long levers allow him to be everywhere and also mark the tight end more impressive and slot receiver stoke. Able to put to sign play important: turning steps, going to sign with a tackle brutal behind the line of scrimmage or forcing a fumble. He has a great sense of the location, which allows it to move with ease in coverage and be ready to make a big play. Wriggles out well from the blocks and is able to read very well the line in the offensive, finding the right space to fit them, which makes it a blitzer to be reckoned with. Always play with the engine to a thousand and not have any problem to move sideline-to-sideline and towards the bottom of the field as a deep safety.

Major flaws in the game, Simmons does not find. Certainly an increase in muscle mass, especially if you were to play close to the line of scrimmage, it would be desirable. Related to the increase of the force, places the improvement in the ability of run stopping, especially in the races between the tackles, where the physical fights are the most vicious.

Simmons is the dream of every defensive coordinator, a player physically perfect that can neutralize the various mismatch that the attacks of the modern NFL, they like to create. Clemson has never played in a defined position and, probably, even in the NFL will find its location based on the alignment of the opponent's attack.

Players like Simmons, with the passing of the years, they have become increasingly popular in the NFL thanks to the coordinators on the defensive and have been able to enhance the characteristics of defenders across the field. If up to five years ago would have been able to emerge towards the end of the first round, today, a talent of the calibre of Simmons could reasonably be expected to be one of the first ten calls.

The Detroit Lions of the Matt Patricia at the three, while having a big need to play cornerback, they could go on the talent of Clemson to add an all-rounder that, in the system of Patricia, could take advantage of considerably. The team that has hopes of one slide of Simmons are the Jaguars, who are in desperate need of a strong linebacker on which to build the centre of defence. Myles Jacks has not yet turned into the game changer you expect, and the talent is scarce in parts of Jacksonville, which is why a graft of the likes of Simmons would be manna from heaven.




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