The Road to the Draft: Derrick Brown


Published on Mar 27, 2020


Age: 22 - Role: Defensive Tackle – College: Auburn
Class: Senior – Height: 6’- 5’ (1.96 m) – Weight: 318 lbs (144 kg)

In the last Draft we have seen many defensive tackles go in the first round, many, even in the first positions, only last year, remember Quinnen Williams And Oliver, were both selected in the top 10. This year the music seems to be different, with a class that does not have a talent excelled, especially at the top. The first of these talents is definitely Derrick Brown, the player that is output from the Auburn has always been on the notebooks of the scouts as they came out of the high school as the first ever player of the year 2016, so as to receive 5 stars and be recruited by college the most important american football. Since freshman proved to be able to bring solidity to the defensive line and in the remaining seasons he continued to improve so as to become fundamental for the team. In 2019, he won the prize as the best student-athlete senior in the nation, an award that is given only to those who proved to be a talent both on the field, both in school and in everyday life.

Derrick Brown has always been a good plug for Auburn, devastating to the racing where it uses its strength by remaining firm on the ground not doing move by the attacker, thanks to this can not to create holes in the line and then lock the running back when he will return to in front of him. Not only in the line of scrimmage, Brown is also able to reach the runner on the outside. As a pass rusher from the inside, it carries everything you want in the league modern, is able to bring the bull rush inside due to his physique and his strength. Also the use of the hands and arms is very good and often manages to overcome his own blocker, thanks to this latest. Despite the tonnage, Derrick has a first step, really good, thanks to which you will put in trouble any guard in the league, and despite the weight is always trying to be efficient and useful to the team, even for a long game, the mix of his pure instincts for the game and talent lead him to be a very good prospect. To play with a lot of force and “violence”, showing at every snap of his love for the game and his desire to win every clash with the line. All these features make it a defensive tackle in a 4-3, can also play a few snap from the nose, due to his ability against the run.

Many people think that Brown may not improve much in the league and that the product released by Auburn remains, this even among the pros, something that may penalizzarlo because many scouts are looking for more talent to the perspective that one done and finished. Sometimes it is cut off from the picth and remains behind not participating in the action. Not an “engine” for continuous and fatigue, with the time, making the life of attackers more easily. His consistency between the game and the game is often missing, not bringing the same production. Will never become a destroyer of the pockets from the inside as a Donald or a Armstead? Now this is the question that you pose all the scouts when considering a defensive tackle like Brown, the answer will very much depend how high will be chosen.

Among the pros will be able to find space from the beginning, as already said it is perfect as a defensive tackle in a 43 where he can either contribute on the rides that penetrate in the pocket. I don't see a perfect team for him, I see it rather as a prospect to be “solid” can bring benefits to any place in arrivals, so “solid” and has only missed 5 tackles in his entire collegiate career.

Derrick Brown is one of the prospects on the defensive most promising of this Draft, for me, is the best defensive tackle in the combine did not go very well, but are often the most important interviews that the athletic tests, also because the various tape speak for him. Could go in the top 10, but the many choices of attacking players so they could get off in the top 15.

In top 10 there are the Carolina Panthers could select Brown, and put it at the center of their line, helping them immediately against the run, and going to train with Brian Burns, a couple not bad. Also, because they could lose to Butler in free agency after having declined the option of a fifth year. If the linebacker Simmons was still available the choice may fall between him and the prospect of Auburn.

If you were to go to Carolina, Brown could get up to the Denver Broncos at 15, which in that case, they should run and make the fateful call as soon as possible, because a statement such as that of Auburn would be too strong to jump to that point in the Draft.




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