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Published on Dec 19, 2017


Among the comics presented at the Lucca 2017 from the publisher Bao Publishing, has been so successful and the attention of the readers The Right Mezura, the second graphic novel by cartoonist Flavia Biondi published by the milanese publisher (the first was the Generation, that had already reviewed).

Flavia Biondi, class of 1988, is a young author and designer tuscany note at the beginning of his career with the pseudonym of Nathanielle. She has made her way in the industry comics founded, together with some of his colleagues of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, the group Manticore Productions, contributing to the collections signed by this independent label, but he has also published with the publisher Renbooks comics issues of LGBT people.

What is it about The Right Mezura? The protagonists are Mia and Manuel, a pair of neo-thirty-year-old who, however, finds himself still living in a shared apartment for students. Mia is a girl that is very practical, at times impulsive, with a degree in sculpture, moving from one chore to another to try not to send in the red on their finances; Manuel, instead, is a writer and idealist who are succeeding to enter in the world of publishing, thanks to a serial novel set in the medieval era, based on the courtly love. The reader finds the pair in a period of crisis because of their different nature and it will not be easy for the two protagonists to find their right balance (or rather, their “right mezura”).

The story revolves around the relationship between Mia and Manuel, of course, but it is made even of the secondary characters and outline, well marked. They all move in the city of Bologna, which is told the story of the young student. Particularly evocative are the tables that tell the middle ages, idealized by Manuel, made all the more fairy-like, from the delicate line of the author.

With The Right Mezura, the Blonde proves to be a storyteller and mature, both from a visual point of view that the exposure of the story. A story incredibly real, with lifelike characters, to such a point as to leave nearly defenseless the player because of a strong and instinctive identification in the two protagonists, especially if the player in question has 25-30 years and knows the difficulties of building a future for themselves that is solid and stable.

The Right Mezura, then, is a comic realistic, but not raw: the style of Flavia Biondi and his choice of making the graphic novel in shades of blue (the same volume has a blue cover, color, melancholy, but also “quiet”) construct a story that is delicate and refined, in the absence of the strong contrast of black and white. The author is then able to tell a comic book real, with a type of story that could happen to our roommate, but set his stories in a sort of “suspended”, despite the fact Bologna is perfectly recognizable.

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