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Published on Nov 20, 2018


Six volumes for a fun introspective on the nerd and the world of comics: this may be a summary description of the series Volt – That's life, mecha, written and drawn by Stefano “The Sparker” Conte and published by saldaPress.

A definition is however too narrow for the volumes that compare the old and the new nerd, that narrate the despair of a fumettaro and the life of a cartoonist in the grass. After seeking general knowledge of the characters in the first season, is going to get the second season, presented in preview at Lucca Comics and Games 2018 – our review in a preview of the first issue can be found HERE.

We asked some questions to the author about what we have to expect in the new season.

MF: Hello Stephen! The last time we saw each other at the ARFestival and we talked about the end of the first season of the Volt - That the life of the mecha. After about six months you're back with the preview of the second season of the series. What can you tell us?

SC: The second season of the Volt begins to put together all the pieces that were presented in the first season. It will be the natural evolution of the situations presented. It is a season I like very much, because there was also a bit of a wait between the one and the other and I could not wait that ripartisse!

MF: In the first season, in addition to the presentation of the characters, the narrative played out on two levels: the gag is autoconcludevano in the register and a narrative line in the background. In this new season we will find the same narrative, or will it be different?

SC: The purpose is always to be able to create in the first 6 numbers of an arc where each issue is able to have a self-contained story, and where I can tell a macro-story with all the numbers in the sequence. From one side it is a bit as if it were an obstacle, because there are three stories to tell (that of the register, that of the arc and that of the full set), however, these narrative levels are also its strength because, as in a tv series, you create a scroll event very stimulating.

MF: Over Volt, the strongest characters are the Mother and the dinosaur, which would be the “villain” of the series. Which of these are you most fond of?

SC: they are Both two characters that will be crucial, but the Dark Mother will be the most effective within the story. But in reality I am affectionate to all the characters, even the ones behind the scenes, because they have something to tell. Sooner or later I will be able to delve deeper into the stories of all!

MF: I like very much the man-pear...

SC: don't miss the second issue, there will be many times where you will be the protagonist!

MF: With that cadence, we will find the Volt at the newsstand?

SC: it Will be bi-monthly and the first issue will be released in January 2019.

MF: Until a short time ago you worked in a comic book store. How does it feel now to tell of the events that happen in the comic store and being on the other side?

SC: If so far, I have been trying to sell the comics of others, now I will leave to my colleagues the “hot potato” to sell mine! (laughs)

MF: Given that you worked as the “man-the comic, that opinion you have of the market of Italian comics, as either a user or a dealer?

SC: From what I have seen, the interest is there for the comics, despite talk of the crisis of comics for years, however, is changing, especially the medium. If once the shrine was the focal point of where to go to buy them, then it moved in the comics and now also in the libraries and on the internet. There is a mutation that we can not understand well. Comics as a way of expressing himself is very much present, it always works very well and the people are always interest in the comics. I am encouraged by this! If you then change further the way to enjoy the comics, we will change again the way you make them! The language of comics is a necessary thing to do.

MF: Last day of Lucca Comics & Games. How was your experience in saldaPress?

SC: Fine! Each time it is as if I were family. I have a relationship amazing with all the staff, Andrea and Marco, who are the pillars of the saldaPress, all the staff and readers that I met at previous exhibitions. These, then, have brought other readers and other friends to whom you have recommended the Volt, and I am always excited about. They even arrived of the children who have brought me their dedications designed! It means that the Volt can hit the imagination of young readers and of those of my generation... it's beautiful and every time that happens it is as if it were the first!

The return of the robot Volt: interview to Stefano “The Sparker”, Count of | Lucca Comics and Games 2018 is




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