The return of Michael Good with The geography of the dark


Published on Feb 19, 2020


Wednesday 19 February 2020 is a date that the fans of Michael Good have of course marked in red on the calendar. And the date of a new beginning, which marks the return of the singer in her world, that of music. From today it is possible to presalvare, and pre-order “The Geography of the Dark”, the new album by Michele Bravi, available in all digital platforms and with the physical format starting from Friday 20 march 2020.

At a distance of three years from “cores”, the disc was certified gold and contains the single double platinum, “journal of errors”, Michele Bravi is back with a new musical project, is profoundly different from all the previous production.

“To have the words to say chaos doesn't save anything but at least draw the maze.“The Geography of the Dark” is a story through the wound of the world.A loss of grip from the real and dive into a darkness that encapsulates the violence of life and rediscovers love is the only salvation.A love that fights evil, but helps to draw the geography.”

The aesthetic of the album develops in a sequence of dreamlike images and surreal hallucinations, which Michele tells through the words and the music. Follow the suggestions evocative that point to a reality that terrified and a deep pain that surrounds, immerses, and hides everything like a deep blanket of fog.

The concept of the album is loaded with great drama, it is as if the reality might appear in the form of a theatrical representation, where the separation between spectators and actors is an impassable limit.

And we can only imagine how much Michele Bravi in this album after what happened to them, can put us out of her. All the fans of the singer can not wait to hear his voice and get lost between the notes of the songs contained on the new drive.

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