The return of Federica Panicucci in the Morning 5: Francesco Vecchi, receives in respect of the distances


Published on May 04, 2020


Begins the phase 2, also for Morning 5, which airs today, 4 may 2020, with a new episode and with the very welcome return of Federica Panicucci! Finally. The presenter, put to the box from the first few weeks of the emergency in order to give more space to news, current affairs and politics also in the morning edition of the program, has spent two months away from his program and finally today, has done it again peeps on tv! Smiling and charging, Panicucci is back in the studio in the Morning 5 and we hope that with her return also moments of light entertainment ( as it happens already in the other programs of the network). If it is true that we must learn to live in this phase 2 with the virus, it is also true that we deserve moments of light-heartedness.

The bet today is then opened at the sign of the return on the small screen, the return home, of the Panicucci, which was received with enthusiasm, but at the right distance, by Francesco Vecchi. “I hug you from a distance,” said the colleague of Panicucci. “Distant but close”, said Federica, keeping a safe distance as the new security measures impose.

Good #Monday to all!

We are on the air with #Mattino5 and let's start the bet with the great return of our hard to have the hots 😃

The presenter said that she was very happy to find the audience at home, its working team and of course also the colleague with whom he would share these latest episodes of the Morning 5. “We are ready for phase 2” said the presenter, while his colleague pointed out that she is the emblem of this upturn, her return at the helm of the Morning 5.

The program starts once again so between the links in the external, stories to tell and we hope a second part is devoted to other topics. In these weeks the Morning 5 he held botta, with excellent ratings over several occasions and also the competitors, the Italian Stories.

But if at first the desire of the public to inquire seemed to be so much in the last few days to listen back to stabilize on the average of 1.3 million, demonstrate that we also look for a change. Would we have today? We'll see.

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