The response of Alba Parietti Caterina Collovati: “I warned all and use the maximum of precautions”


Published on May 06, 2020


In the episode of White Paper in a wave 5 may 2020 a surprise came the testimony of Alba Parietti told the audience of Rai-3 having the covid 19. It was discovered by a few hours. The suspicions he had had but has not done the swab when to be around 9 march, she had the first symptoms. It was discovered only very recently, after having done the other tests that allow us to understand if you have developed antibodies, and then if it is healed. Dawn explains that today he is healthy and has passed all. But someone didn't like what happened. Caterina Collovati, in fact, via social launched heavy accusations towards the Parietti. To say that Dawn would have gone on tv, without knowing its symptoms, and of this he has no doubts on the 8th of march. But when the next day he started to have fever and sore throat, would, according to Collovati, had to alert all the people who were with her to Live-Not the d'urso. This thing, according to the words of the Collovati, would not have occurred ( and of the rest there is that none of the people present in the transmission has been placed in quarantine, and presenter in the first place). Only today, almost two months after the Parietti tells all and the thing does not go down to the Collovati.

The Parietti, however, after this attack the social clarifies and says he warned him.

And here is the answer of Alba Parietti in the words of Caterina Collovati on social

See Catherine, I warned you, I've always used the maximum of the guards. I believe that you in your delirium is creating problems. I'm not pointing the finger at no one for respect for the people, perhaps unaware of being infected. Perhaps in your desire to hurt me forget it, and you are not aware of any step You will have to apologize and be ashamed of yourself.

The Collovati retorted immediately:

I don't know which step to speak . I know that I was one of those who were near the day before and I did not knew anything . I would have had to be aware of the risk, the point.

And Parietti, he replied:

what are the risks? I've been away from it all, and with a thousand precautions. You need only the way to appear to be harming not only me but all those who work . You are a woman, truly sad. No one knew he was infected . Who tells me that you don't have the virus ? I had no diagnosis . And nobody close to me is infected . I shut myself in the room 14 days although I had 1 day only 37 and 6 . No one told me what it was . As all Six the minimum .,

And to conclude the message of the Parietti towards the Collovati

go read in private. I don't sputtano the next for vain glory . Vergognati

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