The Resident, a new series of Rai 1: advances from the first episode


Published on Jun 25, 2019


This evening, Tuesday, June 25, will land on Rai 1 on the new television series The Resident. This is a medical which sees 14 episodes with regard to his first season. The american series has already aired on Fox Life, and will be broadcast on the first channel of the Rai after the great success of The Good Doctor that in the last year of these times did record great listen. But what we will see in The Resident?

We will tell you some details about the plot of the new series of Rai 1 will be very different from The Good Doctor. Dr. Devon Pravesh arrives at the hospital in Atlanta to specialize, and here is assigned to Dr. Conrad. The latter has had a relationship with one of the nurses but she never stopped thinking about it. These three characters will try to suspend the Bell, a doctor who has caused several deaths inside the hospital.

Of course, it will not be so simple. There will be many obstacles and many twists. Conrad will begin a relationship with Dr. Mina Okafor, and also will take her to the death of the patients. The house will then be a Dr. Conrad?

The first episode of the Resident is called First Day. Dr. Bell, during an operation, because of the tremor in the hands, was brought to a halt an artery, and the mistake will be covered by all his staff. Several times, Bell, has, however, made mistakes in the operating room. And speaking of the first day, comes the specializing Davon that will be assigned to Dr. Conrad. The second episode of the series is Independence Day. Here Dr. Conrad will talk about in a school of his ”adventure” of working, but suddenly one of the teachers feel bad. Davon will be forced to get by on only to the department of emergency because Conrad will be involved in the other.

The third episode of the new series of Rai 1 The Resident is entitled Comrades-in-Arms. In this episode, will arrive at the hospital a consultant that will try to improve the revenue, but the staff of the hospital not react well. A member of staff will start to make investigations on the problem to the hands of Dr. Bell, but despite this he will still hide his mistakes. Dr. Conrad and Davon will, instead, be engaged with a sarcoma-a paramedic who, not being covered by insurance, could not be operated. Conrad and Davon, however, are against the rules.

The appointment, and then tonight with the first episode of The Resident on Rai 1.

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