The Resident 2 news: everything there is to know about the second season


Published on Jul 24, 2019


With 2.3 million viewers, The Resident greets the audience of Rai 1 who are not particularly fond of this series, even if, having regard to the numbers of the other networks, however, we can consider a good result that led to the house from the flagship network Rai. We do not know, however, if these numbers are enough to bring in the first time also The Resident 2 ( in the Usa these days is being billed the season 3, because of the success of the first two seasons). We can, however, tell you about what's going to happen in the second season of The Resident. As you may have guessed by the last episode of the american series aired yesterday on Rai 1, Conrad and Nic have decided to stay to work in the hospital, despite the presence of dr. Bell. They do this for two reasons: first, because thanks to their work will save many lives, in the second place, because now, the higher floors may have a person who is on their side, the father of Conrad.

But what will happen then in this second season of The Resident and who will it be this time “the enemy” of the doctors who are on the side of patients?

Because of the success that the series has been in the Usa, the second season will consist of 23 episodes, longer then the first. There will be new inputs and, above all, the many cases in the hospital, even of very complex situations to be overcome ( such as the blackout of the early episodes, one thing that we also saw in New Amsterdam).

In particular, in The Resident 2 we will see a new Conrad and Nic protagonists. Remember that the sister of Nic and he said to Conrad before to be admitted in the structure, to detoxify that his sister has given you different problems to the family even if he doesn't know anything of all this? In the second season of The Resident through a series of flashbacks we see what happened to the good nurse in the past...we will also See how you will find that Conrad and his father working together for the first time...Not only that, the health conditions of the father of Conrad will widen and deepen suddenly, and the young trainee from the super powers will have to deal with feelings and emotions that he has never tried...Devon continues its path of specialization, but also must take important decisions: to marry his girlfriend? It seems that dr. Mina has to deal with the matters of the heart...

Matt Czuchry (Dr. Conrad Hawkins), Emily VanCamp (Nurse Nicolette Nevin), Manish Dayal (Dr. Devon Pravesh), Shaunette Renée Wilson (Mina Okafor), Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Randolph Bell), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Dr. AJ Austin), Glenn Morshower (Marshall Winthrop) – the latter two become the main characters, after having appeared in the first season – and the new entry Jane Leeves (Dr. ssa Kitt Voss) and Jenna Dewan (Julian Lynn). Melina kanakaredes's hairstyles (Lane Hunter) appears only as a guest in some episodes . Probably in this case, we find that what has happened to them in the course of the process.

As for the airing, The Resident 2 has already been transmitted in the Usa, which is, however, prepared for the third season aired from September 24). But The Resident 2 will not be broadcast on rai 1 this summer. Tuesday, in fact, landed in prime time on Rai 1 the Velvet Collection. The Rai may broadcast The Resident 2 in the summer of 2020.

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