The Red door 2: plot the complete twelve episodes from the second season


Published on Feb 19, 2019


We thought we'd take for The Red door 2 what they generally do with the series of Netflix, to tell you, in a single article, everything that happens in season aired on Rai 2 in February 2019. We will do so by writing for you the complete storyline of the twelve episodes that make up this second season. The red door 2 airs in the early evening on the Wednesday with two episodes in prime time, the stakes then will be 6. At the time it aired only the first episode and we then we want to tell you what happened. We then continue to update our article with the complete storyline of the next episodes to discover with you the mysteries of this the second season of the television series of Rai 2 with Lino Guanciale in the role of Leonardo Cagliostro. What are the mysteries of this the second season? We'll find out week by week! Let's start from the first episode!

On February 13, 2019 aired the first episode of The Red door 2 which, remember, can also be followed in live streaming on the official website of the Rai. And for those who missed the first two episodes, you will always find in the stream, both the first and the second episode of the series.

The tv series with Lino Guanciale has found in this second season, a good audience of the public with an average of more than 3 million viewers.

Stayed in the world of the living, Cagliostro keeps an eye on Jonas, the man who has awakened from a coma after thirty years. Cagliostro witnessed the birth of Anna, his wife, but the joy of the birth is interrupted by a vision on the daughter

The Red door 2 full summary for episode 2×01– Leonardo Cagliostro remained in the world of the living. He had a vision and he understood that he can't leave his family. Anna and the little have need of him.

The episode begins with Vanessa who, in a rainy night, throws a bag into the sea. Cagliostro sees everything. Then now we are taken 12 hours before. It's morning and Anna wakes up after dreaming of spending time with Leo. But it is only an illusion. Leo, in fact, has decided not to hear from his wife, hoping that she can go ahead.

In the same morning, Jonas woke up. Now that is out of the coma, do not feel more of Cagliostro. Waiting for him outside the hospital there is a Silvia, which brings a very beautiful house. We do not know what relationship there was in the past between them, but apparently the two are very close seeing that the woman decides to leave a house with all the comfort. Jonas is called to the police station to understand if you remember anything about the shooting. But he says he does not know anything. In the past, Jonas is there Rambelli but for the moment we do not know what kind of relationship there was between them.

The star has stopped Brezigar, but his boss does not want to be retained and then releases it. We find instead that Vanessa is facing a difficult period: when he doesn't feel Cagliostro's is locked up in the house and Filip spends a lot of time alone. Anna arrives at the police station but is soon accompanied by the Star in the hospital about to give birth to her little girl. Anna seems to have a sort of rejection for the small. He does not want to breastfeed, does not want to embrace it. Still feels the lack of Leo.

Filip invites Vanessa to go play with his friends in a former factory. However, the girl remains in the house. Filip and his friends are interrupted by Brezigar who are hunting them in a bad way. I was born a discussion. One of the guys is injured, Filip is humiliated. He is out with his friends, but then decides to go back. Enters the room and finds the corpse of the man. First, he heard a gunshot but no one saw who killed him. In the meantime, Cagliostro had a vision: his little girl is kidnapped and taken to a factory. And it is the same in which the drug dealer was killed. Cagliostro sees the guy with the dirty hands of blood and decides to tell all to Vanessa. Meanwhile the girl comes to the rescue of Filip, who told her what happened, telling her not to be him to kill the drug dealer.

Vanessa calls the police but he does it with the dirty hands of blood and leaves everything on the phone booth. The scene of the crime also come Paulet, who has now been promoted, and Jamonte, the new vice-quaestor. Are collected the first day of practice and Paulet find out who are the guys who did the murals in the room where you killed the drug dealer.

Cagliostro in the meantime, you review by Vanessa and tells her of his vision once again and request his help.

Although angry with Cagliostro, who had been made to believe have crossed definitively the red door, Vanessa admits he feels happy only when he is there. Among them is a new covenant to find out what they have in common is the murder in the former factory, which is involved Filip, with the threat to the daughter of Cagliostro himself.

Star has collected the evidence and realized that the call to the police station could have been Vanessa, but says nothing to Paulet. Anna decides to return home, do not want to stay in the hospital.

Vanessa decides to help Leonardo. He tells her about the vision, and also of the red book of the count Cagliostro, which has seen. The same book will appear at a later time.

Paulet is doing his investigation and manages to find the guys who have played in the factory in the evening where the drug dealer was killed. From the analysis of the telephone records shows that Filip had had contact with the man. Filip, back home, do not say anything to Vanessa, and throws away an object in the sea. Cagliostro sees all and tells Vanessa. The girl recovers and is inside the drug and then throws it in the sea.

Jonas tries to live in the present, but for him is not easy. When he meets the psychologist who must follow him speaks of vengeance, but nobody at the moment knows for whom and for what. Vanessa discovers that Anne and Leo have decided to call the small like her and he understands what the policeman wants to fine.

Rambelli is in prison but has decided to come up with a plan: give the blame for the murder of Leo to Anna and Piras.

At the police station is still known to only a few well Jamonte. The man receives a phone call through which his wife informs him of the death of Erika. Shortly after the girl arrives at the police station and Jamonte, with the ways of violence, is entering his studio.

And’ the day of the trial, Anna decides to participate in and sits in the classroom at the side of Piras. Rambelli says he wants to make statements on the spontaneous and in a sort of offensive points the finger against Anna and Piras, saying that they were the ones to kill Leo to protect the relationship that they had. In the classroom there is also Jonas.

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