The red door 2 last episode: Vanessa holds Leo, what is the bond between the two of them?


Published on Mar 21, 2019


And’ aired on 20 march 2019, the sixth and final episode of The red door 2 with the grand finale. The bad guys were caught and the good guys, apparently, have won. But in reality, it is not finished in a positive way for our Leonardo Cagliostro. All the fault or merit of Vanessa? We will tell you about in our summary that tells what happened in the last episode of The red door 2. Please note that you can review all twelve episodes of this second season on Rai Play.

Leo is desperate for the truth about the kidnapping of his daughter, but fails to put the pieces together. To complicate matters, we think, Vanessa: the girl has decided to enter into the house of Alessi to search for evidence but is found by the prosecutor that the concept of a room. Leo can't help her: he must save his daughter. The little Vanessa is with her aunt in the square to see the fireworks, but when the sister of Anna of distracts for a few moments, the girl is kidnapped.

We find that to kidnap Vanessa was Silvia. The woman is the cause of everything that has happened in recent times. Silvia has, in fact, shot in Jonas, believing that the man would leave her after discovering her betrayal with Rambelli. He thought that he would have taken the money and was gone. Then he also killed the drug dealer, who threatened her and demanded from her more and more. And after that Jonas was out of the coma and Rambelli is back free, he killed him because he was the only one who knew that she was the one to shoot Jonas. When Silvia discovered that Cagliostro was his son, so he decided to kidnap Vanessa to escape.

In the end, Anna and Marco are able to find, also thanks to Vanessa Vanessa Junior. But the things for our beloved medium are complicated. She has a special bond too closely with Cagliostro. You feel disappointed and angry, is jealous because he thought only of his daughter and not to her. He thinks that Leo is a selfish and decides to be her. Cagliostro would like to go via, go through the red door as the same Anna asked him but he can't do it.

Vanessa tells him that somehow the two of them are related, that you want to find out what is this link. Want to know why Cagliostro is his shadow. Leo is forced to stay in while Vanessa part with Frederick. We find, however, that the boy, as Filip and Eleanor suspected, is deceiving Vanessa and is in contact with a mysterious person. Who will it be?

All we can do is wait for a possible third season of The red door, in order to understand what will be the end of this saga. The red door 3 will you do it? We await news and official confirmation from the Rai.

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