The recipe of the cheesecake to the strawberries Mattia Poggi Said the Fact


Published on May 12, 2020


A super recipe comes from the episode that was to be Done in the air today 12 may 2020. The strawberries are now the protagonists in the kitchen and no shortage of delicious recipes seen on tv. Today, Mattia Poggi has prepared together with Bianca Guaccero a perfect dessert. From that Fact comes the recipe of the cheesecake to the strawberries. A real treat for the palate.

And here is the list of the ingredients that we need for the recipe today

Let's start with the classic preparation of the base: take the biscuits and them grind them mix with the butter which we melted earlier. We take our cake-tin zipper and squeeze well all the mixture that we have prepared to make the base. We put it in the fridge.

And then the preparation of the cream. Take the cream cheese and put it together with the sugar. Mix well. We mount the cream, remember that it must be well-chilled. Melt the isinglass or gelatine with a little hot cream which we left aside. Mix the gelatin to the cheese. Join to the mixture, the cream that we put on. In our preparation we can also add strawberries, possibly blend. Therefore we place the cream on the base, and we report it in the fridge. Blend the strawberries with the lemon juice and sugar and prepare the top of the cheesecake. We decorate with other strawberries.

How about this recipe really very good? Us a few days ago we had proposed a similar recipe for a cheesecake is always on the strawberries but without lactose.

If you want to read the recipe, here it is for you

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