The ratings of the first of November 2018 DAY TIME reward the Rai programming that goes on vacation


Published on Nov 02, 2018


What have they seen italians in all saints day? Thanks to the weather, which has kept many italians in the house without the possibility of exit, the ratings of the first of November 2018 were definitely very good for the Rai channels that have opted for the classical programming without sending holiday nothing. Shine so programs in the morning, but also those of the afternoon, marking the record ratings of the season. Limp instead Mediaset Channel 5 which, losing key programmes such as Morning 5 Men and Women, and in the Afternoon, Five, collapses disastrously.

And here is how the programs of the first November 2018 have been listening to the excellent in house Rai

THE RATINGS OF the MORNING OF the FIRST of NOVEMBER, 2018: On Rai 1 UnoMattina reported a net 1.145.000 viewers, share 17,83%. Italian Stories 1.739.000, 19,02%. In His Image a net of 1.607.000, 15,22%. The mass of all saints 1.708.000, 16,43%. La Prova del Cuoco Mini 1.894.000, 11,84%. On Rai 2 The Facts of Your recorded in the first part 782.000 viewers, share 7,26% and in the second 1393.000, 9,81%. On Rai 3 Agora has logged in the presentation 370.000 viewers, a share of 5.50% and in the program 677.000, 7,92%. Mi manda Rai 3 581.000, 6,32%. All Health 557.000, Of 5.53%. Anyone who has Seen it? 11.30 555.000, or 5.05%. After the TG, so Many Stories 953.000, 5,89%. The past and the present 688.000, 3,77%.

Stable instead of a Forum that loses a little something: On Channel 5, the Forum has registered 1.386.000 viewers, share 11,25%.

As you can see, flying high in the Italian Stories, which marks the season's doing the same, and The proof of the cook even if in a shortened version ( with a start around 12: 30 pm: the Isoardi leads to only a bet without the public and without Andrea Lo Cicero). The lack of Morning 5 on Channel 5 felt.

THE RATINGS OF the AFTERNOON OF the FIRST of NOVEMBER, 2018: On Rai 1 Come to me 1.894.000, 11,55%. The Paradise of the Lord – Daily 1.412.000, 9,96%. Life live has recorded in the first part 1.944.000, 13,97% and in the second 2.482.000, 16,26%. On Rai 2 " Said Done has registered 1.040.000 viewers, share 6,78%. See you in Court up to 570,000, 4,09%. On Rai 3 Waiting for Geo has registered 1.124.000 viewers, share 8,12%. Geo 2.004.000, 12,98%.

Flop instead to Channel 5 orphan Men and Women and the Afternoon 5: Beautiful registered 2.360.000 viewers, share 13,07%. A Life 2.167.000, 12,69%. The island of Peter 2, in replication, 1.279.000. GF Vip 1.472.000, 10,55%. The Secret 1.801.000, 13,14%. Inga Lindstrom has recorded a net profit of 1.410.000, 9,37%.

In the afternoon, Channel 5 defended well on the soap but then it falls apart without the Men and Women. Very well Said and Done on Rai 2 in a good result to Come from me, record, seasonal, and de La vita in diretta", the one of yesterday for the program of rai 1 definitely one of the best results.

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